Start paying tolls quickly and easily with Eurowag

Drive through Europe with no need for cash payments
Simple and quick registration from the comfort of your office
All your toll transactions on a single, easy-to-read invoice

Toll payments are mostly a fixed, imposed cost. However, due to preferential rates negotiated with the toll providers - Eurowag is able to offer its clients reduced rates, offering the highest possible discount in each country where the discount is applicable. And with the introduction of our own interoperable EETS ready on-board unit, you can rest assured you are benefiting from the latest technology on the market.

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Start paying tolls quickly and easily with Eurowag

One toll box for the whole of Europe? Yes, please!

One on-board unit. One invoice. Great pricing. Register now and be the first to get the new Eurowag OBU (On-Board Unit) for several countries, and progressively the whole of Europe.

Automatic switch between countries - So your driver does not need to worry about it!
Easy change of vehicles without hassle - On board unit is independent from a vehicle and can be easily switched!
Easy charging from a simple 12V socket - So no additional instalation is required!

An easy-to-use On Board Unit with a slick design and a colored display, as well as a lot of functionality as you would expect.

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