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We go further when we work together. By connecting with the most reliable partners, we are able to constantly expand our portfolio of services, bringing you the solutions you need for the road ahead.


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Travis truck wash

Parking, Truck wash and repair shop

Travis truck wash

As our client, you get instant access to truck services such as vehicle washing and repair, tank cleaning, and parking at the busiest European hotspots. No more detours, language barriers or cost overruns.

Thanks to our partnership with TRAVIS, Eurowag offers extra additional services which will help you every day on the road.

Register Posted Drivers

Posting of Drivers

Need help complying with minimum wage regulations?
As global transport service experts, we can guide you through the necessary regulations for each country and help you avoid fines.

Thanks to our partnership with Move Expert, Eurowag offers a fully automated online solution for registering posted drivers and getting electronic certificates for the entire European Union. Go to Partner services section in your client portal and register online.

Posting of Drivers
Ferry booking

Freight ferry booking

Ferry booking

Simply online, fast, and hassle-free ferry freight bookings through our partner Move Expert. Save time and get competitive rates at a large range of European ports.
Online booking is easy. Go to Partner services section in your Client portal and choose a service.

Make a difference with Eurowag’s CO2 calculator

Posting of Drivers

Learn your current emissions, reduce your carbon footprint, and win new clients while helping the environment

At a time when climate change is a growing concern, calculating your carbon footprint has never been more important. Our user-friendly CO2 calculator provides an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your company's fuel-related carbon emissions, which will give you insight into how much of an impact your company causes.

Alternative Fuel Environmentally friendly

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