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The power of Eurowag in your pocket

The Eurowag app is here to make your life simple.

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Finally, an app that has it all

Manage your fuelling like a pro, even when your office is a truck cabin.

Compare stations at a glance, prices and all
Truck friendly route planning
Control finances safely from your phone

The Eurowag app is here to help your business get rolling

Users use app for safe and efficient fueling
App that speaks your language
Stations, across Europe and beyond

We created the Eurowag app to help grow your business

Plan your fuel stops easily with instant access to 15 000+ stations and their fuel prices

Explore fuel stations and other road services and find the right one with our smart search filters.

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    Online, up-to-date station map with live status updates
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    Visible fuel prices
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    Save and share your favorites

Be the one who is always on-time, with our new professional route planner for your truck

Set destination. Add waypoints. Hit the road. All from the comfort of your phone.

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    Adjust your vehicle profile
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    Set your route options
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    Reduce travel costs

Use Eurowag Pay – secure and hassle free payment solution

Your drivers can refuel faster, easier and more secure.

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    Refuel with
    Eurowag Pay
    in selected fuel stations
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    No need to carry a plastic card anymore
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    Our app is secured by PIN or biometric scan
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    Check Eurowag Pay history right on the app
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Follow your transport live on the map and see how your team is doing on the road

See the position of your vehicles and drivers on our app and have a complete overview of your team.

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    Track vehicles with Eurowag telematics
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    Request location sharing from your drivers
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    Invite new drivers to the Eurowag app

We have role for everyone

Create new team members, assign roles and keep things nice and tidy.

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    Manage your team on the go
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    Assign roles and give access
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    Synced with our Eurowag client portal

Keep your finances under control wherever your journey takes you

Check transactions, browse fuel cards and track invoices directly from our app.

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    View your billing documents
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    Search and filter your transactions
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    Keep track of your fuel cards
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    Unlock your fuel card with Card lock directly from app

Find your parking on the Eurowag app

Let the Eurowag app take you to parking places in cities across Europe.

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    Locate fuel stations that offer tank cleaning or truck washing
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    Plan your route with ease
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    Save time and find all the road services you need without hassle

How to start?

It's as easy as turning the ignition key.

Manager avatar

If you’re a manager

Download or update our free
app, log in with your Eurowag account and take your business to the next level.
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If you’re a driver

Just download or update our
app and send a request for full access to your manager.

Stay on the road, stay on schedule and stay on budget

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