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Eurowag Pay

Use mobile payments for fuel purchases. This new solution will make refueling easier, more efficient, and more secure for drivers everywhere.

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Eurowag Pay
is our
new mobile payment solution
, designed with you in mind. We’ve
streamlined the refueling process
to get you back on the road faster, and coupled it with robust security features
to keep your account safe.

How can Eurowag Pay make your life easier?

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    Save time - No more standing in queues. Open the pump and pay right on your phone.
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    Don’t depend on a plastic card - Cards get lost, stolen, or left at home. Eurowag Pay is always with you.
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    No need to remember card PINs - Eurowag Pay is protected with one PIN, even when you change vehicles.
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    Remote card assignment - Cards can be given to drivers through the app, from any distance.
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    Maximum security - Eurowag Pay prevents fraud by blocking purchases when the driver is more than 100m away from the pump.
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    Emergency remote operation - In case of error, loss, or other circumstances, dispatchers can remotely activate pumps for their drivers.

Discover the convenience of Parallel Refueling

You can unlock multiple pump dispensers simultaneously to streamline your refueling process, saving you time and effort. Whether you need diesel or AdBlue, Parallel Refueling makes it easier than ever to manage multiple transactions at once.

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    Unlock multiple pump dispensers simultaneously
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    Use mobile payments for refueling at any enabled location
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    A growing number of locations – currently at 850 and counting
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    Enhanced safety features for peace of mind during transactions
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    Ideal for emergency situations requiring quick and efficient refueling

Have a look at our quick tutorial video

We show you the main features, and how the app works.


How to configure Eurowag Pay?

Eurowag Pay - Configuration manual

Where you can use Eurowag Pay

countries using Eurowag Pay
current stations covered by Eurowag Pay
stations to be covered by the end of 2025

Frequently asked questions

What needs to be done before first use?
  • User account needs to be created for the one who is going to use Eurowag Pay
  • Card needs to be assigned to that user by account owner / dispatcher
What cards can be used for Eurowag Pay?
  • One
  • Easy
  • Fleet
  • Red Diesel
Is the usage of Eurowag Pay free?

There are no additional costs for customer when they are paying using Eurowag Pay.

How secure is Eurowag Pay?

Access to the app is protected with PIN or biometry.

How the station attendant know that I paid using Eurowag Pay?

Station attendant is notified once the payment transaction is completed.

What limits apply for Eurowag Pay?

The same limits of the card assigned to a user apply also for Eurowag Pay.

Do I need to unlock a card protected with SMS card lock before I use the card with Eurowag Pay?

When you refuel using Eurowag Pay you do not need unlock the card in advance.

How can I get a card assigned for Eurowag Pay?

Account owner / dispatcher can assign cards to other users/roles.

Can I assign more cards with Eurowag Pay?

You can assign fuel card assigned to specific LPN (license plate number) or universal card to a user. In case that the driver is using more vehicles, you can assign more fuel cards with LPN to them.

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