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Say hello to EVA

Say hello to EVA - Eurowag's latest innovation delivers telematics, toll payment , and anti-fraud protection in one solution

Say hello to EVA

Eurowag, a leading provider of commercial road transport solutions in Europe launches a new innovation, E.V.A. (Enhanced Vehicle Assistant), redefining toll payments and telematics services. In combination with Eurowag’s EETS on-board unit, EVA provides seamless toll payment across 8 countries and 3 major tunnels. Advanced telematics integration delivers transport operators with significant cost savings on fuel and maintenance, while proprietary geolocation technology protects businesses from most fuel theft fraud. Moreover, EVA comes in an elegant and easy-to-use package.

EVA comes bundled with EW Telematics, an extremely user-friendly fleet management software. Engineered for a truly intuitive experience, EW Telematics delivers a plethora of powerful features in a beautiful interface where everything is accessible at a glance. Managers of transport operators can see where their trucks are in real time, calculate route costs, check gas station prices, and send drivers to the most convenient locations. Dispatchers will be able to review exact CAN Bus readings, remotely download tachograph data, or review legal drivers time and send them to safe resting locations. All at a touch of a button.

“We designed EVA with owners, dispatchers, and drivers in mind. Everything is as simple as possible: Installation couldn’t be easier, OBU navigation is super intuitive and full colour, and the telematics software is a real breeze to use. The box is a marvel of European technology and fully future proof, as we continue expanding our EETS certification footprint. But EVA is not just elegantly simple and technically advanced: it delivers real cost savings to company owners. We’re really proud of it”.

EVA is available from 1st of October 2020 in three packages (START, PLUS, and ULTRA), which are affordably priced to meet the budget requirements of small and large operators alike.  More information about the new are in digital trucking at


With a history spanning 25 years of innovation, Eurowag is the fastest growing integrated mobility solution provider in Europe. Focused on simplifying the lives of commercial road transport operators and delivering them with affordable solutions to their business needs. Whether it’s fuel and toll payments, tax refund, fleet management, financial services, or simple advice Eurowag is here to help customers successfully move 300,000 vehicles across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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