About us

Meet Eurowag – founded just over 20 years ago, today we are the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe - focusing on finding solution to simplify lives of commercial road transport companies. Whether it’s fuel & toll payments, tax refund, fleet management or a simple advice – we are here to help our customers keep over 250 000 vehicles moving across Europe, Asia and Middle East.


Creativity and a determination to change are the foundations of our competitiveness.


Our honesty and reliability inspire confidence and engender customer loyalty.


Ethical values underpin our everyday decision-making.


We support each other because only a well-functioning team can be successful.


We strive relentlessly to be the best we can be.


We value our freedom, which also implies a commitment to act whenever needed.


A good vibe in the workplace is essential for delivering outstanding performance.

Our responsibility

Our actions aim to create a balanced portfolio of positive values for the benefit of the whole of human society.

Our Management

Eurowag board and Chief Officers consist of managers with high creative potential, years of experience and extensive expertise in the field of international trade, transport, finance and the oil industry.


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Supervisory Board

The supervisory board’s main task is to keep an eye on the activities of the board which governs W.A.G. payment solutions and to oversee the work of the company.


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Position paper „On The Road Towards Clean Mobility“

Climate change, seemingly humankind’s biggest ever challenge, has triggered a vast number of responses. The public demand for quick and decisive systemic actions has resulted in a set of legislative measures on the European level which, however, do not necessarily address a whole set of challenges and problems for the business environment and the end users. At EUROWAG, a company supporting operation of more than 250 000 trucks and 100 000 light vehicles in Europe (fuel, toll, financial services, telematics, etc.), we feel responsible to contribute actively to the transformation of road transport towards more sustainable future and we have dedicated substantial resources into various projects and in­itiatives. We are ready to share our insights and expertise, which we have been acquiring in the field of transport in Europe over the last 20 years.

Our focus is the roll-out of set of eMobility products and services for operation of electric and hybrid vehicles (currently leading the change in Czech Republic), advisory services for the fleet operators and construction of stations with alternative fuels (e.g. LNG). Furthermore, we are about to launch the very first trans-European navigation services for electric car users with integrated charging experience for “hassle-free” daily usage.

EUROWAG has created this document to contrib­ute to an unbiased discussion concerning clean mobility and to help the effort to find the most effective solution and to support our customers and business partners with the transition towards more sustainable future in the transportation segment.

All about our Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the forefronts of our minds – we strongly believe that as a successful company we should be contributing back to the society through a number of projects, both in the Czech Republic, where our HQ is based, but also across other countries we run our business.

In order to make our CSR a reality we have empowered every employee to take an active part in supporting our longstanding commitment to spend 1% of EBT to the social responsibility, and have launched a new project called Philanthropy and You in 2017.

The project. Based on a simple notion that every employee may donate up to 200 EUR in 2017, 300 EUR in 2018 or an equivalent in the local currency to a charity of choice by signing a simple contract amendment has been a great success, and enjoyed an overwhelming participation of 78% amongst all employees, many of whom continue to support the selected charities on their own.

As we want to encourage our employees to spend even more than money – their time- with non profit organizations in need -  we launched BeBetter Day in 2018 -  one day off for volunteering in any non profit organization of their choice – employees spent this day usually by manual work in senior houses and found this experience very useful for their personal growth.

There is one project we support on a long-term basis and is connected to our business:

TruckHelp Foundation – a foundation supporting families who have lost a father during his work as a professional driver.

In coming years we want to continue with our unique Philanthropy and You programme and enjoy both donation and meeting with people in need.

Person responsible for CSR: Marcela Murgašová, CSR specialist, murgasova@eurowag.com