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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

What Do You Need to Start a Transport Business?

Are you interested in working in the road transportation industry? Do you want to end up like the well-known entrepreneurs who have successful transport companies? We'll advise you on how to start a successful trucking company. Keep reading to learn more!

What Do You Need to Start a Transport Business?

Do You Have Experience in the Trucking Industry? What About a Business Plan  

Undeniably, having experience in the industry is advantageous—not just educational but also previous work.  However, It doesn't matter whether you have experience in logistics as a driver, accountant, or dispatcher. You have a chance to succeed when you demonstrate your previous experience by showcasing your knowledge.

The hardest part of starting any business is the beginning - costs add up quickly, and the revenue grows slowly. So you must have some capital to start with. Whether you have savings or choose to get financial assistance, you should calculate everything carefully and draw up a business plan.

Practice Caution In Your New Business  

Road transport is a business activity that requires what is called a ‘concession’. This is a "licence" that the relevant authority will issue, and; depending on yourthe specific situation, you will have to contact the trade or regional authority. First, you must decide whether you will be self-employed, or whether you will set up your own company, which will usually be a limited liability company (Ltd). This choice between self-employment and limited liability company is crucial, as it has implications in terms of your obligations, rights and how you will be taxed. So carefully consider  which option is more suitable for you.

It is not impossible to obtain a car transport licence - quite the opposite - but you will still have to meet several requirements, and the whole process will take some time. To obtain a car transport licence,  you must meet the following criteria:

Establishment - You must conduct business in the Czech Republic, where you have premises and a fleet of vehicles.

Good reputation - You must be a person of good character, meaning you should have a clean criminal record and no history of severe offences related to road transport.

Financial capacity - You must have sufficient capital according to the current rules and regulations (increases according to the size of the fleet).

Professional competence - You must have a certificate that proves professional competence. To own a freight transport business, you must pass a test (not just a driving licence).

Further "paperwork" awaits you to obtain a "Euro-licence", which will allow you to start providing road transport services within EU countries. The requirements of obtaining a Euro-licence largely overlap with those needed for a domestic licence, but there are separate processes for each.

Reliable Partners  

When you're all set up and ready to start your business, you'll find that, even then, trucking isn't simply going from point A to point B. You have to deal with marketing, winning contracts, the liability of potential employees, fuel costs, fleet condition, accounting and much more. Therefore, it is advisable to get reliable partners.

Popular fleet management services are company fuel cards and the so-called EETS (European Electronic Toll Service). Thanks to these services, you can simplify the administration associated with paying tolls or refuelling. Instead of dozens of different documents and toll boxes, you can handle everything with one business partner, such as Eurowag.

Our financial services can also come in handy, so you don't run into cash flow problems when, for example, your customer pays their invoices late.

Services Eurowag Can Help You With:  

toll solutions

fuel cards


tax services

Last but not least, it is advisable to enter into partnerships with other transport and forwarding companies. You will be able to share orders with each other, and optimize the use of your vehicles to the maximum. Especially in the beginning, you will appreciate such partnerships. We hope that we have covered some of the most important areas on how to start a business, and have helped simplify your process.

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