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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

With a flexible VAT refund solution, you can focus entirely on your business

At Eurowag, we listen to our clients. Their feedback makes us constantly work to improve our services. And thanks to their suggestions, we now provide the option of managing our clients' VAT refunds from abroad.

With a flexible VAT refund solution, you can focus entirely on your business

What is a VAT refund?  

The VAT refund process applies mainly to companies that operate internationally but provides services only on a local level.

International transport companies are a good example of that. Although these companies buy goods and services abroad (mainly fuel and tolls), they issue invoices for their services to customers in their home countries.

However, this puts them at a disadvantage - they cannot claim a VAT deduction on goods and services purchased abroad in their tax return.

To avoid this drawback, a VAT refund from abroad can be requested under certain conditions. Granted, the process is not as straightforward as the classic VAT refund in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we will simplify and speed up everything for you. That allows you to focus wholly on the success of your business.

Net Invoicing service is not new to our clients  

We have been providing clients with the Net Invoicing service for some time. With this service, you do not have to wait for a VAT refund request to go through a lengthy bureaucratic process. As soon as you submit your application, Eurowag will reimburse you for the "return" thanks to the financial service Net Invoicing.

Choose from 4 methods of VAT refund financing  

Not everyone needs a speedy VAT refund. To reduce the overall administrative burden even further, we came up with another novelty. Our clients can now choose the frequency at which they want to receive the funds from the VAT refund. We offer a total of 4 methods. But how do you know which model to choose? We bring you practical examples.

  • #1 "I only want to deal with it once in a while" 

 This is the ideal option for small businesses. Do you want to use Flexi Net Invoicing only twice – or even just once – a year? Then go with the Semi method of refund.  

  • #2 "I have a clear limit" 

 Does the Net Invoicing service only make sense to you after a certain VAT refund amount? No problem: the Flexi Net Invoicing Limit tariff is perfect for you. As soon as you exceed the set limit, e.g. EUR 2,000, the VAT refund will be profiled. In addition, you can set different limits for specific countries.  

  • #3 "The key is the future" 

 Do you focus on cost management? Are you thinking about the future, for example, due to an upcoming investment project? We have a Hybrid tariff for you. Thanks to this one, you are in control of flexible VAT refund financing.  

  • #4 "Quickly, please!"

 Do you need a faster solution than the classic VAT refund process? Select the Advanced tariff, and Net Invoicing will take place as soon as the VAT refund application is submitted.

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