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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

How does the fuel card work?

Have you heard of fuel cards but don't know exactly what they are for and how they work? Then this article is for you, where we explain everything important. Including how you can get your own fuel card.

How does the fuel card work?

What is a fuel card?

As the name suggests, a refuelling card (often also called a fuel card) is a special card designed to pay for fuel. At first glance, it does not differ significantly from a traditional bank payment card. However, the magic lies in the advanced services and features associated with fuel cards.

What are the benefits of a fuel card?

Especially for large companies that operate a large number of cars or trucks, fuel cards are a way to significantly streamline the operation of a company. This is thanks to, among other things:

  • simplification of the administration associated with fuelling
  • reduction of total expenditure on fuel
  • eliminating the risk of theft or loss of cash

Only one receipt per month

If you pay for fuel in cash or by credit card in your company, you need to keep careful records of your receipts. These will number up to several dozen in smaller companies. In large logistics companies, there are thousands of transactions each month.

With a fuel card, you can eliminate this paperwork. The fuel card includes an app that gives you an overview of all transactions. Depending on the specific conditions, you can make a single payment either in advance (you top up your fuel card account) or retrospectively by paying the invoice for the previous month.

Because the fuel card can be paired with a specific driver or car, you can filter and analyse your expenses very easily. This optimises the running of the company.

You know the fuel price in advance

In the Eurowag app, clients can search for petrol stations that are connected to the fuel card system. You can check the price of fuel, operating hours or the presence of a parking lot and a car wash.

With this information, you can plan your drivers' journeys much better. In addition, there is no risk that the driver will fill up with fuel in an expensive way if he or she has the freedom to choose the filling station. The fuel card makes it cheaper to fill up thanks to wholesale prices.

No more cash and unexpected events

With accurate planning, you eliminate many of the risks that can occur when a driver carries cash and the freedom to choose the fuel station. On longer journeys in Europe, such cash can amount to hundreds or thousands of euros per trip. In addition to the risk of loss or theft, you also have to deal with the local currencies of each country. With a fuel card, you can easily eliminate all these risks that can increase the cost of transport. The driver is only equipped with the card, which pays for all expenses.

How do I get a Eurowag fuel card?  

1. Fill in the online form and become our client.

2. We will ask you for details about your business and find a suitable fuel card option for you (we offer several tariffs depending on the size of your fleet).

3. When you enter into a contract, you order the fuel cards, which we will send by post within approximately 5 days. You will also get familiar with our web application that you will use with the fuel cards. Once you receive the cards, you can use them immediately on your journeys.