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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

For which companies is a fuel card the ideal choice?

Are you thinking about getting a fuel card but not sure if it's worth it for your company? We'll advise you on the benefits of a fuel card that can make it worthwhile for you.

For which companies is a fuel card the ideal choice?

Which companies should consider a fuel card?  

Fuel cards can be beneficial for any company for whom road transport with their own vehicles is an integral part of their business. So if you have several vehicles in your company that employees drive on a daily basis, you should think about a fuel card.

Big transport companies without the risks associated with cash

Fuel cards for large logistics companies should be almost a given today. Whether it's interstate trucking or perhaps local couriers with deliveries, a fuel card streamlines the processes involved in route planning and fueling and eliminates many risks.

Previously, for example, truckers on long routes across Europe had to provide the driver with enough cash to fill up without any problems. On longer routes, this usually involved of hundreds or thousands of euros. However, the large amount of money in each lorry logically attracted thieves, especially at night parking lots. Of course, there were also risks on the part of the driver himself - whether it was deliberate theft or loss of funds due to inattention.

With a fuel card, the cash problem is completely eliminated, including the problems with different currencies in different countries. Drivers pay cashless for fuel at contracted service stations. In the case of Eurowag fuel cards, there are several thousand of these in more than 20 European countries.

In addition, a company using Eurowag fuel cards gains a reliable travel partner. It will also simplify the payment of tolls, and you will have an overview of current legislative changes and other facts that may be important to you as a haulier.

Smaller companies will see their administration simplified considerably  

Of course, large companies also deal with the administration associated with refuelling. However, it is well known that smaller companies are relatively more burdened by administrative obligations. Small companies do not have large teams of accountants, tax and legal advisors.

Hundreds of fuel receipts paid "classically" can keep one person busy for several days each month. Thanks to the Eurowag fuel card and the clear web application that is an integral part of the system, the whole process is automated and simplified. The card can be linked to a specific vehicle or employee. The "receipts" are thus automatically assigned where they belong and the data can be easily analysed and evaluated.

But above all, fewer invoices are a relief. Depending on the tariff you use with Eurowag, you pay for your petrol either in advance (you top up your credit in the system) or even retrospectively. At the end of the month, the system issues an invoice for the total volume of fuel purchased.

This allows the company and its employees to concentrate on more important things related to the company's activities.

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