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Introducing HVO100

A sustainable fuel solution for the transport industry.

Creating a greener future is more important for us and our clientele than ever before. With CO2 emissions requirements and charges changing in the European Union, it’s important to learn about and implement other fuel types, for your business and the world.

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Electric truck at a charging station, showcasing sustainable transportation.
Electric truck at a charging station, showcasing sustainable transportation.

Discover the future of sustainable transportation with Eurowag and our groundbreaking biofuel, HVO100.

HVO100 is both easy to use and more environmentally friendly than standard fuels. These benefits make it an attractive alternative for many.

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Reduced emissions
Our Customers'Toll Kilometres make up more then 26 times the distance from Earth to Sun
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Key features and benefits of HVO100

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emission reduction:

  • HVO100 allows transporters to start reducing emissions almost instantly, utilizing their existing combustion engine vehicles without the need for major modifications.
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Sustainability at its core:

  • HVO100, made from renewable sources, is a sustainable alternative to diesel, helping companies meet strict ecological standards and transition to low-emission solutions.

ESG compliance:

  • In the context of the growing emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, HVO100 plays a crucial role for transporters aiming to fulfill customer demands for improved sustainability and a lower carbon footprint.
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Environmental impact:

  • Compared to regular diesel, HVO100 boasts impressive environmental benefits, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%, solid particle and hydrocarbon emissions by 30%, carbon monoxide emissions by 24%, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 9%.

Why HVO100 matters for the industry:

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    Recognizing the industry‘s need for immediate emissions reduction in response to global pressures and a growing emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, HVO100 becomes an easy to use alternative.
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    It offers transporters an efficient pathway to meet customer demands for improved sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint. This biofuel allows for immediate emission reduction, allowing transporters to take significant steps without the necessity for modifications to their existing fleet.
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Sustainability and environmental consideration are fundamental values of DB Schenker or DHL


We approach the issue of sustainable logistics responsibly, which is why we strive to be the first to bring our customers the latest trends and innovations that support our long-term goal of reducing CO2 emissions. Therefore, we have started exploring the new sustainable fuel HVO100, which can be used in a standard diesel engine vehicle without any modifications. This allows us to reduce the CO2 emission burden by up to 90%, which is the most significant benefit for our customers.

Petra Sůvová
Head of Direct Operations CZ/SK
SCHENKER spol. s r.o.

During a three-month test of two trucks running on a regular route using HVO fuel, our drivers did not notice any changes in vehicle performance or fuel consumption compared to diesel. We conducted the testing to verify fuel consumption, check sustainability certificates and greenhouse gas emissions, and determine whether this fuel is an acceptable choice for us and our customers. The certificates and format of the information, which we adjusted in collaboration with the supplier, now meet our certification requirements and comply with the sustainability criteria set out in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). The results show that HVO is a suitable alternative with no negative impact on operational parameters.

Lubomír Sasarák
Fleet Manager CEE
DHL Supply Chain

By gradually changing the driving behaviour of our drivers, we have managed to reduce the consumption of our vehicles by 4 l/100 km.

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Peter Herman
Driving instruktor

Thanks to PERFECT DRIVE, we are seeing a trend towards better drivers' behavior, which has resulted in an average saving of 1.5 litres/100 km. This saves us 5,250 litres of fuel per month on an average of 350,000 km for our 48 vehicles.

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Petr Janák
Manager of economic driving
CEE Fresh Food Logistics s.r.o.

Q&A for customers:

What is HVO100, and how does it differ from conventional diesel?

HVO100 is a biofuel derived from renewable sources, offering up to a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to regular diesel. It allows immediate emission reduction without the need to modify existing diesel vehicles.

How does HVO100 contribute to ESG goals?

HVO100 is a sustainable fuel option that helps transporters meet ESG criteria by significantly reducing carbon emissions, providing a competitive advantage in an increasingly eco-conscious industry.

Is HVO100 available for all vehicles, and where can it be refueled?

Yes, HVO100 can be used in standard diesel vehicles without modifications. Eurowag's filling stations, including the one in Malacky, Slovakia, are getting ready to be equipped to offer HVO100, with plans for further expansion across Europe.

How is Eurowag prepared for the adoption of HVO100?

Eurowag is committed to supporting sustainable solutions. Our stations are getting ready to offer HVO100, and we are prepared to respond quickly to customer demand, potentially aided by reduced excise taxes compared to conventional diesel.

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