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Eurowag launches EW Cash, new factoring tool, in Poland

Prague, April 5, 2022 – Eurowag, the leading payment and mobility platform for the commercial road transportation sector, has launched its factoring service in Poland. EW Cash allows customers to use the modern financial tool to convert their outstanding invoices into money faster. It is already available in Latvia and Lithuania, and expands Eurowag’s one-stop-shop offering of mobility and financial services. Other countries will be added during 2022.

Eurowag launches EW Cash, new factoring tool,  in Poland

Factoring is an online tool that improves the cash flow of customers by offering invoices, which are often due in 30, sometimes up to 180 days, to be paid immediately. The service is facilitated by Eurowag’s partner Factris.

One of Eurowag’s  long-term missions is to support and improve the profitability of our clients. Having a reliable and timely cash flow schedule can help them to run their business more smoothly.Jakub Malý, VP Financial & Payment Services, Eurowag.

The process of adopting EW Cash by clients is simple. All necessary documents, including the entry questionnaire, can be found in the Client Portal under the category EW Cash. After applying, the client waits for approval and a contract without additional tasks.

You can find more details here.

Media contact:

Michal Malysa

Head of Group Communications

+420 775 70 80 86

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Eurowag was founded in 1995 and is a leading pan-European integrated payment & mobility platform focused on the road transportation industry. It makes life simpler for commercial drivers and operators across Europe through its unique combination of payments solutions, seamless technology, a data-driven digital eco-system, and high-quality customer service.