Eurowag Cash (factoring)

Turn your EUR invoices into cash and improve your business.
We will finance your EUR invoices based on individual prices starting from 0,56 % on monthly basis.
Factoring is a modern financial tool which converts your outstanding invoices into money faster.

Eurowag Cash (factoring)

Bring an additional source of financing

We finance your unpaid invoice. Improve your cashflow.
Get a EUR funding limit for free
Get a EUR funding limit for free
Immediate money for your invoices
Immediate money for your invoices
Fully online process
Fully online process
Competitive prices
Competitive prices

Factoring is not a loan, you are not taking on any debt.

You can lower the business risk caused by insufficient debtor credit worthiness. We provide a credit rating of your debtors (clients), so you will get paid. Improve the payment discipline of your debtors by ordering EW Cash (factoring) today.

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How does it work?


When you become our client, fill in the questionnaire on the Client portal in the Eurowag Cash section.


Eurowag will process your application and inform Factris. Factris is a partner company that provides the financing.


Eurowag and/or Factris will not have any other questions after processing this application. Factris will send you a final financing offer by email and inform you about the steps to follow.


You will sign a contract and provide issued invoices to Factris for financing.

Frequently asked questions

What is factoring?

EW Cash (factoring) is a type of financing. It is not an additional loan to your business. It helps you keep your cashflow smooth and healthy. More about what factoring is.

How fast will I get the money with EW Cash (factoring)?

If you are our client just go to the Client portal to the EW Cash section and fill in the simple questionnaire and get your money within 24 hours.

Not our client yet? Register today and enjoy the full benefit product range.

Will my client find out that you assessed their financial standing?

No. But you will need to inform them before starting to finance invoices.

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Contact us

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