Eurowag Cash

Turn your EUR invoices into cash and improve your business.
We will finance your EUR invoices based on individual prices starting from 0,9 % on monthly basis.
The Maximum invoice due date is 90 days.


Immediate money for your invoices
Competitive prices
Fully online process

How does it work?


Fill the questionnaire in Client Self Care in section Eurowag Cash


Eurowag will process your application and inform Factris. Factris is a partner company that provides a financing.


Eurowag and/or Factris will not have any other questions after processing this application, Factris will send you a final financing offer by email as well as will indicate you on the following steps


You will sign a contract and provide issued invoices to Factris for financing

CRT industry

Our CRT industry historically has large accounts receivable and account payable balances on an ongoing basis, also very high cost of operation eg: ensuring that vehicles are being utilized effectively, unexpected repair costs, people, insurance, tolls, rent, taxes. Without spending money, operations simply cannot continue, thus, any problems with cashflow.

Many of CRT sector ‘participants are thinly capitalized, and apart vehicles do not have any other long term assets that could be treated as collateral, thus, to receive financing solutions can be very challenging.
Try our Factoring service and keep your business on the road.