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Eurowag launches eFleet Management to support electric fleets

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Eurowag, a leading provider of commercial road transport solutions, has launched eFleet Management, a product designed to help companies make the most of electric vehicles in their fleet.

Eurowag launches eFleet Management to support electric fleets

eFleet Management combines the installation of a small, Eurowag-developed device capable of reading electric vehicle (EV) data with a powerful software backend into one solution that gives fleet operators insight into the performance and optimization of their EVs. Users of eFleet Management can see information like real-time battery charge level and vehicle location, nearby charging stations, and charging cost evaluations all in one place. Information about EVs and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles is integrated with information about non-electric fleet vehicles, giving fleet operators maximum flexibility and convenience.

“eFleet Management will help businesses gain a competitive advantage while complying with directives from the EU requiring reductions in CO2 emissions,” said David Nurkovič as a Product owner of eFleet. Regulation 2019/631 requires fleet vehicles to reduce their CO2 emission by 37.5% for passenger cars and 31% for vans by 2030. Companies that fail to do so face the threat of significant fines. Adopting more EVs into fleets provides one way of meeting this goal, and eFleet Management will help smooth the transition.

Users of eFleet management can benefit from exclusive features such as evaluation of home charging performance, which typically requires the use of expensive charging equipment. This is made possible thanks to Eurowag’s proprietary technology. For more information on eFleet Management, visit the Eurowag site.

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