Go far.

We are Eurowag. Everything you need to go far on the road, in business and in life.

Go far.

We provide smarter solutions to optimize commercial road transport business.

Offices across Europe and the Middle East
Employees serving you every day
Customers rely on our solutions

Our vision

To democratize the on-road mobility industry through a technological revolution.

Our purpose

To create sustainable financial & technological solutions for the benefit of the transportation industry, society and the environment.

Our ambition

To become the ultimate on-road mobility platform by creating better business opportunities across the industry.

We provide the smarter way to run your commercial road transport business.

Our unique services come with dedicated support, and deliver everything you need to succeed.

Our History

  • 1995 - W.A.G. Group was established as a petroleum product trader.

  • 2000 - Launch of Eurowag payment services.

  • 2005 - Opening of first Eurowag truck park in the Czech Republic

  • 2006 - Introduction of an electronic solution for toll payment

  • 2007 - International expansion of EW fuel acceptance network in Europe

  • 2008 - Opened first office in Slovakia, followed by offices in Poland, Hungary, and Romania

  • 2013 - Opening of Eurowag truck parks in Poland, followed by truck parks in Hungary.

  • 2014 - Launch of tax refund services

  • 2016 - Entered fleet management market through acquisitions.

  • 2017 - Obtained the license of European Electronic Toll Service provider.

  • 2018 - Obtained Payment Institution License regulated by Czech National Bank.

  • 2019 - Acquisition of Sygic, extending competencies for the LBS platform.

  • 2020 - Expansion of Fleet management system solutions, through KomTeS.

  • 2021 - Expansion of eMobility platform, through Last Mile Solutions.

Our Management

Martin Vohánka
CEO & Founder
Magdalena Bartoś
Chief Financial Officer
Mittu Sridhara
Chief Transformation Officer
Ivan Jakúbek
Chief Strategy Officer
Emma Copland
Chief HR Officer
Václav Řehoř
Chief Commercial Officer
Attila Dsupin
Senior Vice President Energy BU
Martin Strigač
Chief Product Officer
Pavel Hendrich
Chief Technology Officer

Board of Directors

Paul Manduca
Independent Non-Executive Director and Chair
Martin Vohánka
CEO & Founder
Magdalena Bartoś
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Morgan Seigler
Non-Executive Director
Mirjana Blume
Senior Independent Non-Executive Director
Caroline Brown
Independent Non-Executive Director
Sharon Baylay
Independent Non-Executive Director
Susan Hooper
Independent Non-Executive Director

We make better days

We are pleased to share the results of the Philanthropy and You 2022 project, which represents our value "Be a good person" and is an integral part of our company DNA. Our ambition is to donate 1% of our annual EBT.

The Eurowag Fund began operating with a budget of EUR 150 000. Eurowag employees had the opportunity to award EUR 200 from the EUROWAG FUND to non-profit projects of their choice.

The Eurowag Fund is administered by Via Foundation.

Let's see what we've achieved in 2022

The area we supported the most this year was helping sick children. Employees mostly donated their contributions to projects related to children´s healthcare, social care, health care, animal care, and humanitarian aid.
employees participated
employees participated
projects submitted
projects submitted
countries involved
countries involved
was disbursed
150K EUR
was disbursed

Our offices

Running our business locally is key to understanding the market and needs of our clients.

Speak to our CEO

Speak to our CEO

"Eurowag strives every day to boost its productivity. At the same time, the company considers the impact its business decisions will have on its business partners, employees, the environment, and human society as a whole.
I therefore extend this appeal to both companies and individuals who did not receive satisfactory answers to their questions and comments as part of the standard procedures, or who may feel they have suffered any sort of damage. Thank you for your contributions."

Martin Vohánka
Chief Executive Officer, BoD

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