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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

Too Many Rules, Too Little Time: Optimize Your Task Management with Our New Tool

Regular technical inspection, emission control, tire changes...there are so many things you have to think about as a haulier. What if we told you there was a way to make the mountain of mandatory paperwork more simple? Let us help you remember a time when doing business was fun.

Too Many Rules, Too Little Time: Optimize Your Task Management with Our New Tool

The most popular task management methods

Papers everywhere

Not so long ago, sticky notes were bought by the truckload for every office. It was generally recommended that if you had a quick thought, you should write down every idea on the infamous squares of coloured paper as soon as possible. Once you'd solved the problem, the paper could go into the bin. When you have solved all the written tasks, your desk is clean again and you can enjoy having peace of mind for a while.

Excellent scenario, isn't it? The "paper method" might work when your spouse assigns you tasks that need to be done around the house, but not if you are the manager of a trucking company with a large fleet and dozens of employees.

Computer as a good servant, but...

Perhaps you have switched to a more modern method, so you are managing your multitasking with a computer spreadsheet editor. Thanks to handy formulas, we can minimize the need for calculators, but we also enjoy the fact that, unlike paper, an Excel cell won't be accidentally thrown in the trash by a colleague or the cleaning crew. Of course, this is not to suggest that computer data is difficult to erase by mistake.

On the contrary, it is the deletion of an entire file or the possible loss of data due to technical problems that is one of the biggest fears of company managers. Yes, we are aware that we should back up all our computer data at least once a week. But do you honestly know anyone who does this? Neither do we.

Do you see yourself here?

Do you use any of the above methods for task management? Or do you have your own? Whether you manage your multitasking with lots of paperwork, use a computer or pay personal assistants, we believe you have plenty of time for your personal life alongside your many work tasks.

If not, read this article to the end.

Common challenges of multitasking in fleet management

Effective fleet management is key not only to achieving success in your business, but also to enjoying your work. In the following passages, we will focus on two central elements related to the management of a transport-oriented business.

Risk management

Starting any business is a risk. That may be true, but if you run a fleet and have multiple employees – whether they’re drivers, dispatchers or administrative staff, any mistake can cost you big. After all, you know that safety must always come first. Industry safety comes in many forms – uncompromising compliance with regulations, regular vehicle inspections, insurance payments, employee health checks, tax compliance and driver licence renewals. It would be hard to find a sector that is associated with as many risks as the transport sector. But you know all of this already.

Time management

The above risk challenges could be handled much more easily if the haulier had unlimited time to carry out their profession. However, you are only human, so you know that risks cannot be avoided. However, they can be minimised. Effective time allocation, meeting deadlines, completing tasks on time, and correctly identifying priorities are the right weapons with which to fight time.

Too much theory? You’re right! Let's show you how you can now mitigate risks and organise your time with a simple tool from Eurowag.

The solution? Maintenance module in EW Telematics!

At Eurowag, we always strive not only to listen, but also to respond to our customers' requests with concrete actions. So, we have developed a solution that is the answer to all the problems mentioned above.

We are talking about the Maintenance module, which is part of our Fleet Management system. It is one transparent table that offers you a view of all your transport business-related tasks in one place. In fact, with the Maintenance module you can set up tasks not only for your vehicles and trailers, but also for your drivers and your own company. The intuitive process of creating these tasks and working with them afterwards will ensure that you can efficiently plan mandatory inspections, service interventions, or meet obligations related to employing people and running your business in general.

With Maintenance, you won't be caught out by any unnecessary penalties, because you create tasks with a specific date for completion, and the system informs you of the approaching deadline by email or by an alarm generated in EW Telematics. We are aware that some service tasks should be linked to vehicle wear and tear rather than to a specific date. With the Maintenance module this is not a problem. You simply set the system to inform you, for example, about an oil change after the truck has covered 10,000 kilometres.

If your fleet requires similar tasks for multiple vehicles, there is no need to list them every time. Duplicating tasks with a single click will save you a lot of time on more important tasks than copying the same text again and again. If these are regular tasks, such as tax matters that need to be done every year, just create one task and set it as repetitive. The system will take care of the rest for you.

All tasks are marked as either active, due soon or overdue in a transparent table, and you can filter these tasks according to their due date. If tasks are not done on time, they will be clearly visible and fleet managers will get reminders for them. The table will also inform you who has completed the task, and if it was done by the deadline.

Transparency is not only reflected here in a convenient table, but you can also see it in the handling of costs. You can also create forecast reports on planned maintenance and their anticipated costs. Simply put, the Maintenance module contains everything a modern haulier could wish for to make multitasking in business as easy as possible. Rest assured, you won't even remember the papers and PC spreadsheets anymore!

MAINTENANCE module in short:

  • Better tracking and reporting
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced costs

If you are already one of our satisfied EW Telematics users, you can try the Maintenance module now. You can find it directly in your system under the "Statistics" tab.

Or, maybe you’re unsure about which telematics solution is the best for you. If you find multitasking, managing paperwork, or keeping on top of scheduled maintenance to be some of the most challenging aspects of running a business, then Fleet Management may be a perfect fit for you.  So, don't hesitate, and start organizing your time better today!

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