Fleet Management

Drive your business forward with tools that put your entire fleet at your fingertips.

Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management?

Stay in charge of your fleet at all times. Fleet Management is a powerful software that shows you all the most important information about vehicles in your fleet in real time.

Hassle-free Fleet Management

See your fleet in real time

Our live map updates every two seconds, so you always know where your vehicles are.

Plan better with access to daily fuel prices

Always know where to get the best prices on fuel for every trip.

Improve driver efficiency and reduce fuel waste

Catch bad driving habits that are costing you money and reward good driving behavior.

Get truck data from anywhere

Download tachometer data from trucks no matter where they are.

Fleet management for owners

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by up to 20%. Fleet Management can help reduce unnecessary idling time, find the best prices on fuel, plan the most profitable routes, and make sure routine maintenance happens on schedule
  • Get your most important data in one place. Collect all important data – including fuel consumption, kilometers driven, driver and truck data and more – in one application, so you can answer questions with your data instead of spending time looking for it.
  • Optimize your profits. Fleet Management calculates the expected profit of a route in advance, giving you the ability to significantly increase your ROI.

Fleet Management for Dispatchers

  • See your entire fleet in real time. Our live map is updated every 2 seconds, so you always know exactly where your trucks are
  • Make route planning fast and easy. Plan optimal routes for your trucks based on their size and load, and fuel prices (updated daily) and does the hard calculations for you
  • Get accurate truck and driver data from anywhere. Download accurate tachograph and vehicle data remotely and save timeor you and your drivers
  • Fleet management software you’ll enjoy using. Our system is intuitive, easy to use, and built with dispatchers’ needs in mind

Fleet Management for Drivers

  • Improve your driving experience with the EW Truck Driver app. Get easy messaging with your dispatcher, check your driving score and get rewards for improving it, and see your daily schedule in an easy-to-read format
  • No more time spent on paperwork. Our system creates automated journey reports for you, so you can focus on the road
  • Your safety is our priority. Fleet Management makes sure you stay within legal driving time limits and can even watch out for unsafe driving habits (and help you correct them)
  • Smoother cooperation with your dispatcher. Our solution lets your dispatcher know where the closest fuel stations and rest stops are, making your journey as comfortable as possible
  • Share your truck data from wherever you are. We let you share your truck data remotely – no need to go to an office and manually upload it.

Trailer ID

Keep your trailers fully under control

  • An easy and affordable solution with custom simple installation, no monthly fees.
  • Solution available with EW Fleet Management, showing you all your trailer information in one place.
  • Quality technological processing with a lifetime guarantee for 5 years.
  • Works with all types of semi-trailers, you can start using the device immediately after attaching it to the trailer.
  • Bluetooth technology ensures a stable connection wherever you are.

What’s included in Fleet Management?

Live map:

Reveal your whole fleet in real time so you can make informed decisions quickly. Click on a vehicle and find out who’s driving, how much fuel they’ve got, where the closest rest area is, and more. See your whole fleet or filter based on what’s important to you right now. Because when we say live map, we mean it.

Route planning:

Plan optimal routes for each truck in the same system you use to manage your fleet. We take a truck’s individual parameters into account, meaning you always get the best route. And we even calculate the cost of a journey, so you can guarantee positive ROI.

Track and trace:

Trust in precise journey data that’s easier to read than ever. Get a complete overview of everywhere your trucks have been in a user-friendly interface. Track and trace gives you the accurate location history you need to evaluate performance and make informed decisions.

Idle and running:

Reduce losses due to excess idling. Get easy-to-read reports on the idle times of all your vehicles so you can easily evaluate drivers’ performance and improve behaviors. Reducing unnecessary idling, together with other telematics features, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

CAN BUS data:

Access the most precise data available to make the most informed decisions possible. With a fixed installation, you can get direct access to how far your drivers have gone, at what speeds, and how much fuel they’ve used. Better data, better decisions.

Legal driving times:

Avoid devastating fines by staying compliant with legal driving time legislation. See at a glance how much remaining time each of your drivers has in a given period and get warnings when they’re close to their limit. Keep your drivers safe and healthy while staying compliant with the law.

Remote tachograph download:

Save time and money when collecting tachograph data. Easily get data from all your drivers, no matter where they are, via remote download. A hassle-free data collection process empowers drivers and makes your life easier.

Driver allowance calculation (CZ and SK):

Decrease paperwork by automatically calculating travel allowances for your drivers abroad. Our system is in compliance with Czech and Slovak labor laws and will save you time when calculating travel allowance amounts.

Driver behavior:

Save money by improving driving styles. Fleet Management monitors inefficient driver behavior like aggressive braking, unnecessary idling, or rapid acceleration so you can identify and improve driver behavior.


Automatically alert your dispatcher when something goes wrong. Fleet Management sends an alert when delivery times are outside of agreed limits, helping dispatchers know what needs attention. Fleet Management will even notify dispatchers when drivers enter a dangerous area.


Easily connect Fleet Management to other applications with our seamless API. Get access to vehicle location, driver data, vehicle data, logbooks and more. Get the freedom to choose how to use your data.

Fleet Management Mobile App

See critical information about your fleet without needing your computer. Use the Fleet Management app to check on your business no matter where you are. Check vehicle locations, see truck data, and even send messages to your drivers directly from our app.

I’m interested in Fleet Management

I’m interested in Fleet Management

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