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Car Sharing

Car Sharing

Modernize your company fleet and lower costs with our smart solution. Car Sharing helps you optimize the usage of company fleet vehicles via on-demand access to cars.

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What is Car Sharing?

Car Sharing is a
mobile application for managing your company fleet
With Car Sharing, you can give employees
on-demand access
to vehicles in your motor pool. Employees simply
request a vehicle in the app, get approval, and start using the car
All trip information is recorded so
reporting trips is easy and automatic

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Moneta Car Sharing

See how MONETA optimizes with Car Sharing

Moneta Car Sharing

"We started using Car Sharing in the beginning of 2020 to simplify our fleet management. We now have more data at our disposal, and it's easy to distinguish between business or personal use of fleet vehicles, which has helped us save. Right now, approximately 25% of our fleet uses Car Sharing, and we expect complete fleet coverage in the future. Car Sharing makes the whole car pooling process as transparent as possible. I can unlock a car using my phone, I know where the car is located, and I know the fuel level. The data we have gives us the opportunity to know our drivers better, which is extremely important for a company like ours."

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