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W.A.G. payment solutions joined by further first-rate managers as Klaus Burkart and Andrew Chamberlain

W.A.G. payment solutions (“Eurowag”) joined by further first-rate managers as Klaus Burkart and Andrew Chamberlain arrive at the company W.A.G. payment solutions, the fastest growing company delivering payment solutions for mobility in Europe, is expanding its top management.

W.A.G. payment solutions joined by further first-rate managers as Klaus Burkart and Andrew Chamberlain

Klaus Burkart and Andrew Chamberlain, managers boasting experience of global missions, are filling newly created positions in the company’s management structure. The company will leverage the valuable know-how offered by these two first-rate managers to implement its highly ambitious plans. Klaus Burkart will head the new Shared-Service Centre, while Andrew Chamberlain will hold the position of Transformation Executive Director.

“Payment instruments for mobility – fleet cards – are a sector that has always been the domain of the large oil companies. However, new technologies and customer expectations have accelerated product development so much that only niche, agile companies fielding the best possible teams have a chance of success,” says Martin Vohánka, CEO of W.A.G payment solutions, adding: “We are proud that Klaus and Andrew will be with us as we pursue our vision of becoming the world’s leading provider of unique products for the efficient mobility of people and freight.”

Klaus Burkart is bringing in a wealth of experience from the mobility industry serving transport companies. He has worked in various European countries and in China as Senior Executive specialising in transportation equipment asset management, VAT refund and cashless “on the road supply” for Commercial Road Transport. Before joining W.A.G., he has been for 8 years with German company DKV, in various roles, recently as Vice-President for Eurasia. Prior to DKV he spent 8 years working for Transamerica Leasing. With Klaus at the helm, the Shared-Service Centre will encompass a full range of key company agendas, including HR, Information Technology, Operations, and Facility Engineering.

For the past five years, Andrew Chamberlain has been Global Chief Technological Officer at WEX, the leading US payment-solution company. Prior to that, he spent nearly 20 years working for American Express in a variety of roles, both in Europe and New York. Andrew is an exceptionally experienced IT and business leader specialising in transformation and change at global companies. He has gained significant multi-sector, multi-disciplinary experience to board level, and has led global teams delivering numerous high-impact, sustainable programmes that have clocked up significant wins in organisational effectiveness, margin improvement and revenue growth.

W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s.

W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s. (“Eurowag”), established in 1996, is one of the top providers of mobility-related payment solutions in Europe. Eurowag products are mainly used by large transport and forwarding companies as a convenient means of paying for fuel, tolls and other services on their travels across Europe. Eurowag achieves annual growth of 25%.  Eurowag offers a comprehensive range of payment solutions for the different market segments: Eurowag One for large international transport companies, the Eurowag Easy prepaid card, Eurowag Vector – specifically designed for freight forwarders, Eurowag Fleet for passenger cars, and Eurowag MasterCard, a prepaid card used to cover other expenses on the go.  Eurowag is headquartered in Prague and has regional offices in 11 EU countries and Turkey. More details are available at