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Martin Vohánka initiated the second economic transformation of the Czech Republic. The goal is to increase competitiveness and sustainability, says Eurowag CEO

The second economic transformation is the result of cooperation between signatories from businesses, professional organizations, and the non-profit sector.

Martin Vohánka initiated the second economic transformation of the Czech Republic. The goal is to increase competitiveness and sustainability, says Eurowag CEO

Prague 1st September 2022 - Martin Vohánka, founder and CEO of Eurowag, is one of the initiators of the call Second Economic Transformation. It openly supports the change of the Czech Republic's economic strategy towards an open society, sustainability, and high added value products and services. Together with Martin Vohánka, the initiative was begun by Radek Špicar (Confederation of Industry), Tomáš Salomon (Česká spořitelna) and Martin Wichterle (Wikov). Dozens of other Czech business personalities have added their signatures.

 I see the greatest significance of the second economic transformation in the fact that Czech businesses have spoken together, unitedly and loudly, about the big issues our society faces day. We need to break out of the stereotypes of the past, because the situation we are in is completely new, and therefore requires a new approach. This is the only way we have a chance to compete with the most developed countries in the world. explains Martin Vohánka on why he is involved with the second economic transformation.  

Martin Vohánka: Change involves three steps

According to Martin Vohánka and other signatories, the second economic transformation is inevitable because the first economic transformation that took place after 1989 has now been exhausted. It was based on the Czech Republic's favourable geographical location, cheap and skilled labour and - at the time - sufficient infrastructure. However, the basic pillars of the second economic transformation should no longer be a subcontracting sector with low labour costs, but an economy based on technologically advanced companies that manage their capital flows from the Czech Republic and reinvest them here.

 To achieve the goal of the second economic transformation, we need to do three basic things: adapt to a changing climate, stop polluting the environment and wasting raw materials, and approach change in a way that is socially acceptable and does not undermine the cohesion of our society. To succeed in this challenging task, we need to work much better, and more intensively, together. This applies to the state, research, development, the non-profit sector and business. Last but not least, we must set an example ourselves. Martin Vohánka  

Eurowag helps customers with efficiency and clean mobility

Eurowag creates products and services for international transport companies. They help carriers digitize their operations while connecting them to other links in the chain, including energy suppliers and toll collectors. As a result, Eurowag increases the profitability and efficiency of its customers while reducing their environmental impact.

 One in four trucks on Europe's roads runs empty, so the increase in efficiency alone has a very positive impact on the environment. The next step is to move towards clean mobility, whether it is biofuels, hydrogen, or battery-powered vehicles. Our aim is to help our customers achieve zero or low emission operation as soon as possible. Sustainability is one of the pillars of the second economic transformation. Martin Vohánka  

The supporters and signatories of the initiative are taking concrete steps to implement the pillars of the second economic transformation. In May 2022, Martin Vohánka went to Brussels with Tomáš Salomon (Česká spořitelna), Radek Špicar (Union of Industry and Transport), Markéta Ryšková (Kofola), Petr Jonák (Union of Industry and Transport and T-Mobile) and Tomáš Jindříšek (DFMG agency), where they were invited by the European Commission. In June, an event called Let's Connect to the Digitalisation of the Statewas held, attended by personalities from business, non-profit and government sectors. There was a debate on setting priorities in the process of digitalization of the state.

A video of Martin Vohánka discussing the second economic transformation and how Eurowag is helping with sustainability.


Eurowag has been providing integrated mobility and payment services to international transport companies for more than 25 years. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in its field. Their mission is to make the operation of the millions of trucks crossing Europe cleaner, fairer and more efficient. To this end, Eurowag offers their customers products and services based on modern digital technologies, ranging from payments for conventional and alternative fuels, electric vehicle charging and toll payment, to tax refunds, telematics and navigation, as well as a range of financial services, and advice on clean mobility.

Eurowag also supports innovation in philanthropy. As part of the Philanthropy and You project, in which ¾ of the company's employees regularly participate, each Eurowag employee receives an individual budget for philanthropy, as well as complete confidence in how the money is spent. The project has already inspired several other large IT corporations to undertake similar activities.

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