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Juho Wallenius leads marketing of Eurowag

Prague, June 21, 2021 – Juho Wallenius becomes the new Vice President for Marketing at Eurowag. In his role, he will be responsible for all marketing activities of the company and will focus on strengthening Eurowag’s business in digital financing and e-commerce. His task will also include helping to raise Eurowag’s brand awareness across new European markets.

Juho Wallenius leads marketing of Eurowag

Juho Wallenius has twenty years of experience in various marketing and leadership positions, especially in rapidly growing FinTech companies. Juho joins Eurowag from Ferratum Group, where he overviewed the conception, branding and launch of the group’s mobile bank In the past he has seen the world from industry-leading corporations' point of view, such as AkzoNobel, as well from various leadership roles in global ad and digital agencies, including TBWA. During his career he has worked on a variety of cases with leading brands, for example Dell, Nike, Nissan, Pepsi and Xbox. His responsibilities have included digitalizing marketing and sales processes, transforming and repositioning brands, while aligning sales and marketing strategies.

I consider myself a technology-driven strategic thinker and I am a firm believer that the most effective marketing is always a balance of rational and emotional arguments, a combination of art and science, an act of creativity as well as hard work. I’m excited to join Eurowag right now, at a very impressive phase of continued, profitable expansion and growing demands for international brand awareness and marketing footprint, said Juho Wallenius, new VP Marketing, Eurowag.

Eurowag, rapidly growing company founded 25 years ago in the Czech Republic, provides a payment and technology platform to the commercial road transport industry in 15 countries across Europe. It now employs over a thousand professionals of 30 nationalities.

Juho’s innovative planning and growth ambitions is something we share with him, here in Eurowag. We are confident that his international background will help us to reach new markets. Together, we will cooperate on securing our position as a fintech innovator and continue fulfilling our vision of sustainable leader in the mobility industry, added Chief Commercial Officer of Eurowag Sunny Mehta.

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