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First gym for drivers in Czechia as a part of modernized EW Rozvadov truck park

The truck park allows drivers to relax in an active way during their travels Two lanes for fueling have been added to existing seven lanes The truck park is very popular among hauliers due to location and fuel price

First gym for drivers in Czechia as a part of modernized EW Rozvadov truck park

W.A.G. payment solutions, also known as Eurowag or EW, a leading provider of road mobility payment solutions in Europe has modernized it’s Eurowag - Rozvadov truck park in the Czech Republic. The truck park with a fuel station is located close to the Czech D5 motorway, near the border with Germany. The site is a favorite place for refueling among European transport companies due to its location, advantageous fuel prices as well as a secure truck parking of which there is not enough on Czech motorways.

Modernization of the truck park included building two new refueling lanes at the fuel station, a new parking system with security cameras as well as the construction of an outdoor gym for drivers. While the two new refueling lanes will increase the serviceability of the popular station, the new parking system along with the cameras ensures maximum safety of the transported cargo, vehicles and drivers.

The outdoor gym for drivers is a big new feature which Eurowag built along with the Polish foundation Truckers Life which aims to enhance the lifestyle of truck drivers, preventing fatigue and traffic accidents associated with this. In conjunction with other partners, a network of outdoor gyms in highly frequented locations is being created for drivers in Poland as well as other countries. This is the first gym designed for professional drivers in the Czech Republic.

“Working as a professional driver is quite challenging. We are delighted to contribute to improving their work and leisure conditions,” reveals Klaus Burkart, Eurowag Chief Operating Officer. “We continuously improve and expand services at our truck parks. Quality of facilities for drivers (toilets, showers, etc.), level of safety for freight and guests as well as providing additional services such as purchasing refreshments at fair prices or free wi-fi connection are really appreciated by our customers.”