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EW opens a fuel station in Austria after Renovation

EW has modernised it’s fuel station at A8 motorway The capacity of the site has been increased by 35% Due to location and fuel price, station is very popular within hauliers

EW opens a fuel station in Austria after Renovation

W.A.G. payment solutions, also known as Eurowag or EW, a leading provider of road mobility payment solutions in Europe has modernised it’s Eurowag - Ort im Innkreis fuel station in Austria. The site is located close to A8 motorway, near the border with Germany and is favourite place for refuelling for transport companies operating across Central and Eastern Europe as well as Turkey. Increased capacity of the site brings benefits for truck drivers mainly in terms of shortening waiting time.

The modernisation constituted not only construction of additional fuel lanes, and enhancements to fuel delivery services, but also installation a new larger capacity underground storage and fuel dispensers, complete change of underground piping and an upgrade of other technology at the fuel station, including better Wi-Fi. As the result of these changes, the capacity of the station is now increased by 35%, which means faster fueling times and no more queues.

“Alongside the development of our acceptance network, it is one of our strategic priorities to modernise and increase capacity of our own fuel stations,” says Klaus Burkart, the COO of EW. “The site in Ort is not the only station which was undergoing a reconstruction. In May, we have opened a shop at EW fuel station in Cheb in the Czech Republic and currently, we are working on increasing capacity of our Krzywa Truck park in Poland and Budapest Truck Park in Hungary. At both stations, we are increasing number of fuel lanes.”

The Eurowag - Ort im Innkreis fuel station belongs to EW acceptance network since 2014, when W.A.G. Group acquired StarPetrol company which had operated the site. EW has gradually modernized the station – from a reconstruction of toilets and fuel dispensers to building a new roof. After recent reconstruction of the site, Ort petrol station is ranking highly among fuel stations with the state-of-the-art technology and the site continues to meet the highest environmental protection requirements.