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Eurowag's on-board unit now provides European e-toll services in Spain and Portugal

EVA on-board unit already enables toll payments in eight European countries thanks to EETS certification, with more to follow.

Eurowag's on-board unit now provides European e-toll services in Spain and Portugal

Prague, 13 December 2023 - Eurowag, a leading provider of integrated road transport solutions in Europe, is now offering European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) in Spain and Portugal. The Iberian Peninsula is now part of a portfolio of a total of eight European countries where tolls can be paid via an EVA on-board unit.

Tolls on Spanish and Portuguese roads and motorways can be paid via the EVA unit from 15 November 2023. Eurowag customers can also currently use the EETS service in Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and at selected bridges and tunnels. The solution, which allows hauliers to use a single on-board unit (OBU) to collect tolls automatically and electronically for multiple countries, simplifies the operation of OBUs and increases safety on the road. The fewer OBUs a driver has to have on his windscreen, the more space he has to see.

Toll and fleet management in one solution

Not only drivers, but also dispatchers, fleet managers and fleet owners will appreciate the EVA on-board unit, as it greatly simplifies fleet operations. In addition to EETS, the solution also includes integrated fleet management services such as vehicle route planning and tracking, automated alerts for dispatchers, vehicle maintenance information and the patented FuelGuard geolocation technology, all free of charge. FuelGuard can compare the location of the vehicle and the location of the fuel card - if they are different, the system will not allow fuel payment. This effectively prevents fuel theft.

Eurowag's on-board unit thus improves driver safety and comfort, saves dispatchers time thanks to intuitive fleet management software, and ultimately provides fleet owners with important data to manage their business and reduce costs. In addition, the basic fleet management package EW TRUCK BASIC, which is an automatic part of the OBU EVA, can be expanded with additional advanced features in the EW TRUCK PRO mode if desired. These include CAN Bus data, remote tachograph downloads and advanced driver monitoring with coaching.

Eurowag is planning EETS in other countries

"Both Spain and Portugal are important transit points for commercial road transport. We are therefore very pleased that hauliers can now benefit from the convenience of electronic toll payments and other advanced features of the EVA on-board unit in these countries as well. In addition, we plan to continuously expand our integrated solution to other countries. Eurowag customers can look forward to being able to use EETS in Slovakia in the near future," says Ivana Lang, Director of Toll at Eurowag.

"In addition to EETS, hauliers have the opportunity to take advantage of another practical Eurowag service - VAT and excise refunds. Spain in particular is offering a rebate on excise duty until the end of 2023. Customers who refuel in Spain now have a unique opportunity to reduce their costs," he adds.

Manage toll domains in a few clicks

Those interested in an EETS-certified EVA OBU need only complete a vehicle-specific registration and select the countries in which they wish to activate the electronic toll service. They will then receive their EVA OBU within 2-4 working days. For existing Eurowag customers, EETS activation for Spain and Portugal is even easier. Simply visit the Eurowag client portal and edit the details of the specific vehicles in the respective user account. 

For more information on the integrated EVA solution and easy toll payment across Europe, visit the Eurowag website. Those interested in an EVA on-board unit with EETS certification can register here.


Eurowag has been providing integrated mobility and payment services to international transport companies for more than 25 years. It has been one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in its field. Its mission is to make the operation of millions of trucks crossing Europe cleaner, fairer and more efficient. To this end, Eurowag offers its customers products and services based on modern digital technologies, ranging from conventional and alternative fuel payments, electric vehicle charging and toll payment, to tax refunds, telematics and navigation, to a range of financial services and clean mobility consultancy.

Eurowag also supports innovation in philanthropy. As part of the Philanthropy and You project, in which ¾ of the company's employees regularly participate, each Eurowag employee receives an individual budget for philanthropy, as well as complete confidence in how the money is handled. The project has already inspired several other large IT corporations to take similar action. For more information, visit

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