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Eurowag's on-board unit now enables toll payments in Germany

The EVA on-board unit allows toll payments in five European countries, telematics and also has protection against refuelling fraud.

Eurowag's on-board unit now enables toll payments in Germany

The EVA on-board unit from Eurowag, a leading provider of integrated road transport solutions in Europe, now enables toll payments on German roads. Through the EVA solution, drivers can now pay tolls in five European countries, and the unit also features advanced telematics and FuelGuard, which provides protection against refuelling fraud.

Thanks to the EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) certification, Germany, the largest toll market in Europe, joins Hungary, Belgium, Austria and Poland - in all of these countries, toll payments can be made easily via the EVA on-board unit. Eurowag makes it easier for drivers to travel across Europe by reducing the number of on-board units that need to be installed in vehicles, making it easier to operate and leaving more space on the windscreen to see.

mentions Ivana Lang, Toll Product Manager at Eurowag.

Toll, telematics and fuel theft prevention in one

In addition, Eurowag plans to gradually add other European countries to the toll payment solution. The EVA unit could thus replace other boxes in the future (so-called OBUs, or on-board unit) that drivers have installed in their vehicles for the purpose of electronic toll payments. The Plug & Play style plugging of the unit into a 12V socket is very simple and the controls are user friendly.

The main advantage of the EVA solution is its comprehensiveness - a single unit integrates not only toll payments but also useful telematics tools, from route planning and tracking to remote tachograph downloads and driver behaviour analysis. Telematics calculates the cost of the route, checks prices at petrol stations and sends drivers to the most suitable locations, plus dispatchers get accurate CAN Bus data.

Part of the EVA unit is also the so-called FuelGuard, a patented geolocation technology that protects against fuel fraud and theft. It is one of the most advanced preventive solutions on the market. FuelGuard compares the use of the fuel card with the actual location of the vehicle. If the payment location and vehicle location are different, the system will reject the fuel payment.

The EVA integrated on-board assistant aims to provide a simple, efficient and versatile solution for everyone involved in road transport. Our goal is that drivers will have their hands and vision free and all toll payments will be handled by a single on-board unit in the future, which will also handle advanced telematics and other services.

EVA brings benefits to everyone. It makes journeys easier for drivers and allows them to concentrate fully on controlling the vehicle, simplifies transaction management for dispatchers and delivers significant cost savings for carriers.

Ivana Lang

Until November 30th, carriers can get a free 12-month EVA on-board rental, including a fleet management package (live map, route planning, tracking and many other features) and FuelGuard technology. More information can be found by following this link.


Eurowag has been providing integrated mobility and payment services to international transport companies for more than 25 years. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in its field. Its mission is to ensure that the operation of the millions of trucks crossing Europe is cleaner, fairer and more efficient. To this end, Eurowag offers its customers products and services based on modern digital technologies, ranging from payments for conventional and alternative fuels, electric vehicle charging and toll payment, to tax refunds, telematics and navigation, to a range of financial services and advice on clean mobility.

Eurowag also supports innovation in philanthropy. As part of the Philanthropy and You project, in which ¾ of the company's employees regularly participate, each Eurowag employee receives an individual budget for philanthropy, as well as complete confidence in how the money is spent. The project has already inspired several other large IT corporations to undertake similar activities. More about us.