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Eurowag opens 2 new LNG stations, now 7 in the Czech Republic

Liquefied natural gas, known as LNG, is currently seen as the only viable alternative to diesel for trucks, especially in heavy long-haul transport. According to the Czech Gas Association, there are 135 registered LNG-powered trucks in the Czech Republic.

Eurowag opens 2 new LNG stations, now 7 in the Czech Republic

Prague, 9th January 2023 - While at the beginning of 2022, drivers had the opportunity to fill their tanks at 3 stations, at the end of last year there were already 7. EUROWAG opened 2 of them in December, namely filling stations on D8 in Kozomin and D1 in Modletice.

EUROWAG completed the construction of 2 new LNG filling stations in 2022. Easily accessible stationary stations at D8 in Kozomin (D8-exit 9 (Kralupy n Vltavou), no. 506, Kozomin, Czech Republic, GPS: 50.244639, 14.371444) and D1 in Modletice (Zděbradská 195, Modletice, Czech Republic, GPS: 49. 971896, 14.612803) were opened before Christmas Eve, 23 December 2022, increasing the national number of filling stations from the current 5 to 7. While until the beginning of the year, vehicles fueled by liquid methane were refueling at only three locations, two GasNet mobile stations and one Spolgas stationary station, the future seems more optimistic. According to the National Action Plan for Clean Mobility, the number of refuelling stations in the Czech Republic should rise to 30 by 2030.

We see the construction of our own two filling stations as a crucial step for EUROWAG itself, but also for transport and logistics companies. Together with other operators, we have more than doubled the number of LNG filling stations in the Czech Republic over the past year. The convenient location of our filling stations in Kozomin and Modletice, together with our LNG acceptance network, ensures that our customers can safely travel long distances to all corners of Europe. Drivers can already use 302 filling stations in 13 European countries within our acceptance network.

Jan Laluch, EUROWAG

It is clear that despite the unfavourable economic situation and the associated price of natural gas, the number of LNG-fuelled trucks is increasing worldwide. This greener alternative to diesel is a way for operators to effectively reduce transport emissions. In the context of the growing importance of sustainability, more than 100 LNG-powered tractors have therefore been added to the fleets of individual companies in the past 2 years. As a reward, for example, LNG vehicles are exempt from toll charges in Germany. Liquefied natural gas is the ideal fuel for long-distance heavy haulage as it is a proven and reliable technology with a range of up to 1,500 km. LNG vehicles have a network of 627 filling stations in Europe, which is constantly expanding. Within the EUROWAG acceptance network, customers can then pay with their EUROWAG card at 302 of them.

LNG is already a reliable way to meet EU emission standards in road freight transport. The future lies in switching to bioLNG, which comes from food residues and bio-waste. In terms of chemical composition, these are completely identical fuels that can be freely mixed. The switch from LNG to bioLNG is thus possible immediately, without having to modify refuelling station infrastructure or vehicle technology.

The project for the construction of 2 LNG stations in Kozomín and Modletice, entitled "Construction of LNG filling stations" with registration number CZ.04.2.40/0.0/0.0/16_038/0000244, was co-financed by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.


EUROWAG has been providing integrated mobility and payment services for international transport companies for more than 25 years. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in its field. Their mission is to make the operation of the millions of trucks crossing Europe cleaner, fairer and more efficient. To this end, EUROWAG offers its customers products and services based on modern digital technologies, ranging from payments for conventional and alternative fuels, electric vehicle charging and toll payment, to tax refunds, telematics and navigation, to a range of financial services and clean mobility advice.

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