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Eurowag launches mobile EW Pay

Prague, August 1, 2022 – Eurowag, a leading pan-European integrated payment & mobility platform, launched a mobile payment solution Eurowag Pay. The users will now be able to pay for fuel simply with their Eurowag mobile application. The new fintech solution allows dispatchers to have a better and safer control over the payments within their fleet.

Eurowag launches mobile EW Pay

The purchase of the fuel via the Eurowag application increases speed and security of the transaction. Drivers use the app with their credentials and when logged in, the app is protected by a PIN or biometry. They can refuel only at a fuel station they are physically present at, although the dispatcher can remotely activate other refuelling stand if necessary.

During the initial phase, customers can use the Eurowag pay at over 500 stations located in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Spain. By the end of the year it should be available at more than 1 500 stations in total. Possibility to pay for other services with EW pay, including parking, wash, ferry, or repair, will follow soon.

Without a need to find a terminal at an unattended station, insert a card, enter PIN, select pump, take the card out, and go back to the truck, the refuelling with Eurowag Pay is a matter of few clicks. The driver only clicks on a button, selects a product at refuelling stand, and can start refuelling. This new process will make work of our customers much easier. Jiří Petrák, Product Owner Mobile Payments

Find out more about EW Pay here.

About Eurowag

Eurowag founded in 1995 is a leading pan-European integrated payment & mobility platform focused on the commercial road transport industry. Eurowag’s innovative solutions make life simpler for small and medium businesses in the Commercial Road Transport industry across Europe through its unique combination of payments solutions, seamless technology, a data-driven digital eco-system, and high-quality customer service.