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Eurowag launches a selective segment, "Eurowag Prime Network", 70 filling stations at the core CRT corridors across Europe

Available in Central, Eastern, and South Europe, 70 filling stations in the Eurowag Prime Network offer drivers the best locations covering the high transit routes at optimized price positioning and additional services.

Eurowag launches a selective segment, "Eurowag Prime Network", 70 filling stations at the core CRT corridors across Europe

Prague 26 April 2024 - Eurowag, a leading provider of integrated road transport solutions in Europe, is opening the Eurowag Prime Network, a network of premium filling stations with exclusive services for professional drivers. It consists of carefully selected stations from the existing portfolio, which have a strategic geographical location for transit or are well-known hotspots connected to the Trans-European Transport Network well equipped with service facilities for trucks.

"The goal is to have a few Eurowag Prime filling stations in every country where Eurowag operates, where customers can expect above-standard service at the best locations and always the most optimized prices. These filling stations will be visually differentiated from other stations and will provide high-quality services, and have self-promoting concept, "says Kim Coppens, Energy Procurement & Operations Manager Southern & Western Region at Eurowag, adding that there are currently 70 filling stations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Italy, France, Benelux, Nordics, Baltics, Balkans and Dach area constituting Eurowag Prime Network.

The purpose is to create a premium network of filling stations in the most exposed and strategic locations, offering Eurowag customers optimized prices for fuel and other services, special promotions, and attention. The Eurowag Prime Network co-exists with Eurowag's truck parks and will gradually expand.

How it works

All customers with Eurowag cards will be able to use the services of Eurowag Prime filling stations without distinction, and no registration or membership card will be required. Stations marked with the Eurowag Prime logo will guarantee the strategic locations mentioned above with the best possible price positioning. The selected partner will first have to meet the conditions set by Eurowag and go through a selection process to confirm that their stations meet the requirements of the premium service. "The combination of the best locations, easily recognizable to the customer, offering the most advantageous services, and regular promotions will make Eurowag Prime a network in great demand among carriers. It's an exclusive club among Eurowag acceptance network filling stations," says Kim Coppens.

Eurowag will strongly support the Eurowag Prime Network with its marketing and ensure its visibility and attention on social networks. The Network will also be visually differentiated in the Eurowag customer portal and app, ultimately providing the partner with more customers.

Where to find it

The Eurowag Prime Network is launching 70 selective Prime locations across Europe, covering the hotspots at 16 high transit countries, one to five stations each. Eurowag will add up to 100 stations to its acceptance network for the Eurowag Prime Network the following year. The up-to-date map of the stations within the Eurowag Prime Network is available at

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