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Eurowag joins forces with Last Mile Solutions and supercharges its eMobility arm

This strategic partnership further reinforces EUROWAG’s commitment to green mobility and its forward-thinking position as a leading solution provider in the commercial road transport industry

Eurowag joins forces with Last Mile Solutions and supercharges its eMobility arm

Prague, Rotterdam (February 18, 2021)

Eurowag, a leading provider of commercial transport solutions, has announced a growth investment in the Dutch-based Last Mile Solutions, the fastest-growing eMobility platform in Europe. The deal supports Eurowag’s position in the eMobility market and confirms its focus on sustainable transportation. Through this partnership, both companies will combine efforts to provide industry-leading eMobility services to their customers throughout Europe.

“Our vision is to democratize the on-road mobility industry through a technological revolution. We create sustainable financial and technological solutions for the benefit of our industry, society and environment. The partnership with Last Mile Solutions contributes to Eurowag’s green objectives and enhances our focus on the automotive industry,” said Martin Vohánka, CEO at Eurowag.

Last Mile Solutions offers the most complete and independent EV charging and smart energy management platform for e-Mobility businesses in Europe. On behalf of their client base, Last Mile Solutions operates more than 37,000 connected charging points and has over 150,000 active charging cards with users in over 22 countries. With its advanced white-label platform and industry-leading functionalities, Last Mile Solutions enables companies across the EV charging, automotive, energy and public sectors to offer their clients and EV end-users a highly reliable EV charging management platform focused on an excellent end-user experience.

“As a leader in the mobility industry, we believe in our natural duty to lead sustainability efforts and dedicate resources to various projects and initiatives tailored to clean mobility,” said Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director of Automotive at Eurowag.

The growth investment into Last Mile Solutions is the logical next step following Eurowag’s strategy shifting into the role of an integrated mobility solutions provider and its commitment to help create sustainable and environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

“Eurowag has introduced several products for electric car drivers and operators over the last 2 years and therefore we see great potential for synergies with Last Mile Solutions’ portfolio. We believe together we can improve the customer value proposition across a number of products, including Fleet Management Systems, Telematics, Automotive Navigation and Data Analytics,“ explained Petr Füzék, Head of eMobility at Eurowag.

Eric van Voorden, Co-founder and CEO at Last Mile Solutions added:  “Through this investment, we have set the foundation for a profound partnership that is unique in the EV charging sector. Besides the technical and commercial synergies between EUROWAG and Last Mile Solutions, there is a solid personal and entrepreneurial chemistry between both organisations. This growth investment will accelerate our pan-European expansion and enhance our development of new functionalities to optimise the customer journey of EV drivers while maintaining our unique independence towards our B2B customers.”

The partnership between the two industry-leading platform providers will contribute significantly to the shift towards electrification in the mobility and transport industry in Europe. New products and services resulting from this cooperation will be launched for their customers already in 2021.