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Eurowag expands acceptance at 41 LNG stations throughout Europe

Prague, June 17, 2021 – Customers of Eurowag, one of the fastest growing integrated mobility solutions provider in Europe, can newly refuel at additional 41 LNG stations across Europe, starting in May. That brings the total of LNG stations accepting Eurowag cards on the continent almost to a hundred.

Eurowag expands acceptance at 41 LNG stations throughout Europe

Out of the 41 LNG stations newly added to the Eurowag acceptance network, 11 are stations of Air Liquide in France, 19 of the HAM network in Spain, one of Austrian Leitner and ten of German Liquind 24/7 network. Leitner’s station is one of only two LNG stations based in Austria. It requires a mandatory training for the first refueling, followed by a self-service at any subsequent visit, when truck drivers will prove their identity by a fingerprint.

“We have expanded our Europe-wide LNG acceptance network with a substantial number of additional stations throughout Europe by stepping into cooperation with leading market players. It is another step on our journey towards clean and cost-efficient transport, as part of our core strategic objective to contribute to the decarbonization of the commercial road transport industry,” said Kim Coppens, Head of Fuel Acceptance, Eurowag.

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