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Eurowag and IVECO CAPITAL partner to offer integrated Payment Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

Eurowag, a leading provider of payment and mobility solutions for commercial vehicle fleets, and IVECO CAPITAL, the financial services arm of Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG), announce a strategic partnership to offer integrated services for their customers.

Eurowag and IVECO CAPITAL partner to offer integrated Payment Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

The collaboration will enable all Iveco Group customers to take advantage of the benefits of Eurowag’s cards for fuel purchases, toll payments and VAT refund solutions plus additional services that will be available over time. Eurowag services will be integrated into Iveco Group’s offerings through its dealer and partner network with support from Eurowag consultants.

In addition, the cooperation will combine the comprehensive portfolio of financing solutions provided by IVECO CAPITAL, including insurance and all-in-one solutions integrated with IVECO vehicle maintenance and assistance services, with Eurowag secure payment solutions.


“We are excited to partner with Eurowag to build together an ever more comprehensive range of mobility solutions for our customers,” said Simone Olivati, President, Financial Services, Iveco Group.
"This partnership will enable us to provide complete and integrated solutions, leveraging on the expertise of our dealer network and tailored to the unique needs of our customers”.


Ivan Jakubek, Eurowag Chief Strategy Officer, said “we are pleased to partner with IVECO CAPITAL and believe we are the right partner given our breadth of solutions we can offer the commercial road transportation industry, allowing them to optimize their own businesses and aligns with our purpose of making the industry clean, fair and efficient. The unique services we offer IVECO customers have dedicated support teams and they have theoptionality of choosing a fuel card that meets their bespoke needs and unlimited access to fuel across Europe. Our close-loop card technology allows customers to reduce their fraudulent risk, giving them peace of mind.”


The Eurowag ONE fuel card is designed for large and medium-sized transport companies and allows fuel to be pumped on the move, with the actual payment taking place later. Each card has an individual limit set on the client portal. They can be registered on a number plate or as a universal card. Smaller transport companies will use the Eurowag EASY fuel card, which is a pre-paid fuel card that can also be registered on a license plate or as a universal card. Shippers and carriers can then use the comprehensive Eurowag VECTOR fuel card, which allows them to defer payment of fuel pumped, set up a credit and control fuel expenses, cap expenses and generate invoice due dates for each carrier online.

Eurowag cards are secured by the Fuel Guard anti-fraud system and can be easily locked via SMS or mobile app. They are protected by Eurowag Pay Secure. There is no charge for Eurowag card payments. The partnership between Eurowag and IVECO CAPITAL reflects a shared commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of commercial fleets. By combining their expertise and resources, the two companies will be able to offer customers a comprehensive range of solutions that support their business growth.


Eurowag is a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions for commercial fleets in Europe. The company offers a range of services, including fuel cards, toll payments, tax refunds, and fleet management solutions, to help customers optimize their operations and reduce costs.

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IVECO CAPITAL is a brand of Iveco Group and a global Financial Services player in the Commercial & Specialty Vehicles segments and powertrains. IVECO CAPITAL supports IVECO customers and dealers with a dedicated suite of financial solutions through various wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and vendor programs around the world.

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