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Eurowag and Drivitty join forces to accelerate mobile payment adoption in the commercial road transport industry

Prague, Vilnius, April 9, 2021 – Eurowag, a leading provider of commercial transport solutions, has invested in Lithuania-based Drivitty, a mobile services integration leader in the commercial transportation market. With this strategic partnership Eurowag aims to accelerate its path towards providing fully seamless vehicle fleet management for its customers. For Drivitty it provides competence and reliability approval from a solid, well recognized commercial transportation sector company.

Eurowag and Drivitty join forces to accelerate mobile payment adoption in the commercial road transport industry

“Our newest investment shows our commitment to being one of the leading drivers of the digitalisation of the CRT industry. Our vision is to create a digital platform that connects all stakeholders in the commercial transportation market. An investment in Drivitty allows customers to pay for mobility and related services seamlessly on their mobile device, and with an additional layer of security. It will also minimise the need for physical contact during transactions, especially important in these times,” said Martin Vohánka, CEO of Eurowag.

Drivitty integrates fuel stations, fuel card issuers, vehicle telematics and fleet managers’ offices. Using Drivitty applications and servers, fleet managers route drivers to the optimal refuelling location where the drivers pay for mobility services (dispensed fuel) through a purpose-built application using on-board units in their vehicles or their mobile devices. Drivitty’s system connects directly with the fuel station’s point of sale system.

“As one of the leaders in the commercial transportation industry, we strive to be at the forefront of digitalisation efforts. Facilitating card-less and mobile payments is a natural and logical step for us, particularly in light of the rise of the connected vehicle,” said Jakub Malý, Managing Director of Payments & Financial Services at Eurowag.

“Drivitty has pooled together smart people with passion as well as high competence in coding, project management, and value for customer insight generation. They develop solutions that link gas stations, fuel card issuers, vehicle service providers, telematics, and fleet managers into a seamlessly running data flow and enable significant reduction of fleet operation costs. Working hand in hand with Eurowag we will further increase our joint effort to have integrated refuelling and other vehicle service systems installed in every vehicle in Europe,” said Darius Cesnavicius, Co-Founder of Drivitty.

The partnership between Eurowag and Drivitty will contribute significantly to the shift towards a digital future in the mobility and transportation industry in Europe.


With a history spanning 25 years of innovation, EUROWAG is one of the fastest growing integrated commercial mobility solution providers in Europe. EUROWAG’s aim is to simplify the lives of road transport operators and deliver affordable solutions to their business needs. Whether it’s fuel, toll payments, tax refunds, fleet management, financial services, or simple advice – we are here to help our customers successfully move hundreds of thousands of vehicles across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

About Drivitty

Drivitty was established in 2017 with the aim to digitally manage fuel payments in the transportation industry. By 2021 Drivitty has developed solutions for every part of ‘fuel chain’: mobile payments for gas stations; real-time refueling management as well as fraud prevention for fleet operators; software basis and cloud solutions for providing extra services to their clients for telematics.

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