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Eurowag acquires 51% stake in KomTeS

Prague, Czech Republic – Eurowag, a leading provider of commercial transport solutions, has acquired a 51% stake in KomTeS, a value-added reseller of Eurowag’s Webdispečink product. The deal will ensure a high level of support, service, and value to both Eurowag and KomTeS customers in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Eurowag acquires 51% stake in KomTeS

KomTeS currently serves over 1,700 customers operating over 25,000 telematics units in the CRT, agriculture, and fleet industries. KomTeS provides these customers with Webdispečink, Eurowag’s leading fleet management solution, and also offers additional services including hardware installation, training, customization and support. Years of experience in the market has given KomTeS a keen understanding of customer needs in the Czech and Slovak markets, and how to best serve them.

“The ultimate goal of this acquisition is to provide Eurowag and KomTeS customers with the highest quality of end-to-end solutions and services on the market,” said Marc Trollet, Managing Director of Telematics at Eurowag.

The acquisition of a majority of KomTeS shares by Eurowag is the logical next step following the partnership agreement the two companies entered into earlier last year, where KomTeS became the exclusive reseller of Webdispečink for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A closer cooperation will help create a unified voice and face for the fleet management software in those key markets, while Eurowag customers will benefit from the years of experience KomTeS brings to the table.

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