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European toll is already in Slovakia

One box, one payment, multiple countries: the European Electronic Toll Collection Service (EETS) is now also available in Slovakia. It will simplify administration for hauliers and make all toll roads in the participating countries accessible. In addition, Eurowag's customers will also benefit from other advantages in an EETS-ready on-board unit.

European toll is already in Slovakia

Prague 18.3. 2024 - Eurowag, Europe's leading provider of integrated road transport solutions, is now offering European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) in Slovakia. "EETS will enable toll payments in nine European Union countries under a single contract. In addition, hauliers only need a single on-board unit in the vehicle when crossing these countries," explains Eurowag expert Milan Moravský, one of the main advantages of EETS.

In addition to Slovakia, Eurowag's EVA on-board unit allows payment in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal and on selected bridges and tunnels. So if a Slovak haulier needs to transport goods from Žilina to the Belgian port of Oostende, for example, he does not need to install another unit in his cab for the entire route and pays the toll charges for the use of toll motorways and first-class roads in all transit countries in one go.

"So the company doesn't have to guard transactions and invoicing for each state separately. The advantage is also the elimination of delays at the border, as there is no need to register and rent an onboarding unit for each country," says the Eurowag expert.

Easy installation

Getting and setting up an EVA on-board unit from Eurowag is very easy. Once registered and ordered, Eurowag will deliver the on-board unit to the carrier within a few days, with the toll domains already set up as ordered. Additional countries can easily be ordered as required, and activation takes place within a few hours. For existing customers, EETS activation is even easier. If they already have an EVA unit, they just need to select EETS via the client portal for specific vehicles.

"The installation of the on-board unit into the vehicle is also very intuitive and quick, basically you just need to check the correctness of the set data," says Milan Moravský. You don't have to buy the dashboard unit, you just pay for its rental.

Extra services

The benefits of the EVA OBU are not only related to EETS. It also includes integrated fleet management services free of charge. Dispatchers or administrators can easily plan a vehicle's route and track its location, and receive automated alerts when needed. Special FuelGuard technology is also available as part of the EVA on-board unit. This can compare the location of the vehicle and where the fuel card is being used, effectively preventing fuel theft.

In addition, the basic package can be expanded to include more advanced features if desired. Within the EW TRUCK PRO mode, for example, CAN Bus data can be used, the tachograph can be downloaded remotely or the driver's driving habits can be monitored.


EUROWAG has been providing integrated mobility and payment services to international transport companies since 1996. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in its field. Its mission is to make the operation of the millions of trucks travelling through Europe cleaner, fairer and more efficient. To this end, EUROWAG offers its customers products and services based on modern digital technologies, ranging from conventional and alternative fuel payments, electric vehicle charging and toll payment, to tax refunds, telematics and navigation, as well as a range of financial services and advice on clean mobility. In 2021, Eurowag became the only Czech company in history to list on the London Stock Exchange.

Eurowag also supports innovation in philanthropy. As part of the Philanthropy and You project, in which three-quarters of the company's employees regularly participate, each Eurowag employee receives an individual philanthropy budget and complete confidence in the use of their money. The project has already inspired several other large IT corporations to do something similar.

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