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Emma Copland is Eurowag's new HR Director

Emma Copland has a wealth of experience in HR, having previously led HR at RM plc, Centrica and The Bicester Collection amongst others.

Emma Copland is Eurowag's new HR Director

Emma Copland has become Eurowag's new HR Director. During her career she has held senior positions in a number of international companies. She brings to Eurowag a wealth of experience in human resources management in companies with employees in many countries around the world. As Chief People Officer (CPO) she will be responsible for strategic HR management, process and personnel development of the organisation, building the company culture and Employer Branding.

The main task of the new CPO is to develop the potential of the company's employees using the latest global trends so that their work strengthens the company's competitiveness across Europe. From her position, she should thus contribute to the company-wide success by creating a working environment in which employees are satisfied and motivated in the long term.

Emma Copland: HR and business go hand in hand

Eurowag is a blend of a traditional corporation, plus a London Stock Exchange listing, and a family business that has been run by its founder for 25 years. This creates a unique mix that gives Eurowag a unique position in the labour market. What's more, it is a company that places great emphasis on sustainability. For these reasons, I am delighted to be part of the team and look forward to seeing how together we can take the company forward in terms of growth, both business and personnel. Although it sounds like a cliché, without people there is no business. My job is to make sure that the business and HR go hand in hand and complement each other.
by Emma Copland, Chief People Officer

Emma Copland has over 25 years' experience in HR, mainly in technology and customer-facing businesses. Prior to joining Eurowag, she spent three years as HR Director at RM plc, an IT solutions company specialising in education. She also worked as HR Director for leading energy services provider Centrica, and also led HR for design shopping destination chain The Bicester Collection. However, in her rich career she hasn't limited herself strictly to HR, she has also tried her hand at positions in marketing and financial management. Originally from the UK, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh. She holds a prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) qualification from the University of Westminster.

Innovation not only in mobility

Despite the difficult global situation, Eurowag is achieving sustained and convincing growth. This is evident from the results of the first half of this year, in which the company confirmed its medium-term financial outlook. It has also recently been included in the prestigious FTSE 250 stock index of the London Stock Exchange. Eurowag's mission is to help transport operators to digitise, which in turn leads to greater efficiency and profitability, and to reduce the environmental impact of commercial road transport. Eurowag does not limit its innovation to the business: it also inspires an approach to CSR in which it actively involves its employees. Each employee is given an individual budget for charitable projects, which they can use as they see fit.

Emma Copland's resume on the professional network LinkedIn can be found at this link.