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Acquisition of ADS

Eurowag has announced today the acquisition of a majority stake in ADS, a top road haulage fuel card operator in Spain and Portugal.

Acquisition of ADS
  • Eurowag has announced today the acquisition of a majority stake in ADS, a top road haulage fuel card operator in Spain and Portugal.
  • The transaction is a part of Eurowag’s long-term strategy to strengthen its presence in Iberian markets and Western Europe and result of ADS's plans to join forces with a leading European brand.
  • Both Eurowag and ADS clients will now benefit from large mobility services offerings covering the whole of Europe.

Eurowag, a fastest growing mobility solutions provider and a registered EETS provider announced today the acquisition of a majority share in ADS a leading road haulage fuel card operator on the Iberian markets.

Eurowag strengthens its position as a key pan-European Mobility solutions provider for Commercial Road Transport. Acquisition of ADS is adding to Eurowag capabilities strong presence on the European hot spot transportation market in Spain and in Portugal with 50% market share. It is expected that the joined customer portfolio will benefit from a unique set of mobility services both companies are providing on top of its fuel card offerings and hence leading to increased loyalty and share in the wallet. By completing this transaction Eurowag consolidated sales will reach 2 bn EUR in 2018.

“We have had a long-lasting history of fuel and toll acceptance in Spain and have been present in both Spanish and Portuguese markets with our sales teams since 2016. Joining forces with ADS is just another step on our way to becoming a leading mobility solutions provider for the haulage industry in Europe. Our core strength is our people, and we are pleased to welcome all of our new colleagues from ADS to an already 700 people strong the Eurowag family.,” says Martin Vohanka, the CEO of Eurowag.

The deal is announced just weeks after another strategic move in the region: an opening of one of the largest truck fuel sites in Eurowag portfolio in Figueres, close the Spanish border with France.

About Eurowag

Founded just over 20 years ago, Eurowag is the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe - focusing on simplifying lives of commercial road transport companies. Whether it’s fuel & toll payments, tax refund, fleet management, or simple advice – we are here to help our customers keep over 300 000 vehicles moving across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our customer centricity and relentless lookout for innovation are also supported by strong financial performance with an EBITDA growth of 44% in 2017. For more visit

h2 About ADS  ADS brand was formed by companies owned by two groups of individuals from the Alava region and Salamanca. Alava part’s history dates back to 2001 while Salamanca’s part was founded in 1988, both closely cooperated since 2004 and together managed to create a top fuel card brand with a line of complementary services for their road haulage clients. ADS is serving over 4000 customers in Spain and Portugal with a significant market share. For more visit