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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

Truck Parking in Europe: What You Need to Know

The story is the same all over Europe: Too many commercial trucks, and not enough parking. A lack of available or adequate parking spaces costs the transportation industry billions of dollars annually, as drivers waste precious time and petrol searching for a place to stop. Even when they’re able to find a parking spot, drivers run the risk of parking in an unsafe location where cargo is at risk of theft.

Truck Parking in Europe: What You Need to Know

With this in mind, every commercial trucking company should focus on providing parking for their drivers no matter where the road takes them. This article will look at why parking is important to trucking companies, and how these companies can help drivers find reliable and safe parking spaces across Europe. 

The Problem With Parking

As we mentioned above, a lack of available parking spaces in urban areas, coupled with an increase to the number of commercial trucks on the roads has created a problem in many cities. There’s just not enough space for everyone! 

Most historic cities were simply not designed to accommodate large trucks, with narrow roads and little to no designated street parking. Urban planning and zoning laws in these cities don’t often consider truck parking when designing city infrastructure, so many areas are either unsuitable or restricted.

On top of this, there are very few parking spaces which are designated only for commercial trucks. This means that they are often competing with personal vehicles for the same limited space. Congestion, already an issue in most major cities, is made worse by this issue as trucks circle the city looking for a place to park.

And the issue is even further complicated by regulatory restrictions including time limits, size limits, or environmental standards. Many residential areas place even further restrictions on when, where, and what type of vehicle is allowed. These regulations leave trucks with even fewer options for suitable parking in such areas.

The time spent searching for parking wastes fuel, reduces efficiency, and can severely hamper delivery schedules. Many trucks are also forced to leave their engines idling for load climate control, which wastes even more time and petrol. These wasted resources all add up quickly and can be problematic for any business trying to keep overhead costs low. Therefore, any trucking company should ask itself if it can afford not to have parking solutions in place.

You Could Park Here, But Should You?

The sheer weight and size of commercial trucks presents some unique challenges when parking in European cities. Most city centers and historic locations have restrictions on where trucks are allowed to drive or park. Aside from the potential fines incurred, parking in an unsuitable area can cause damage to the pavement, the vehicle, or both.

Another factor to consider with truck parking in urban areas is safety. Trucks parked in unsafe locations are vulnerable to theft, vandalism and cargo tampering. Drivers often find themselves put in the difficult position of having to park in a location that isn’t secure, and can sometimes be placed in harm’s way as they exit the cab of the truck.

Adding to the safety concerns of drivers is the lack of dedicated facilities for truck parking, including secure rest areas with amenities like showers, restrooms, food options and driver facilities. This lack of infrastructure can make it extremely challenging for drivers to maintain mandated rest periods and get adequate sleep.

Many busy routes will have truck parking yards where long or short term parking is available for rent. These yards will often provide some of the facilities mentioned above, but the cleanliness and quality of these amenities can vary quite a lot. Locating the best ones in any given area can help ensure your drivers stay happy and well-rested, and your fleet stays safe and secure.

With all of the potential hazards of parking in unsafe or unsuitable areas, it should be clear why smart trucking companies look to Eurowag for solutions. Our clients enjoy the benefits of having the EW app available to help locate the best parking areas in locations all over Europe. We’ll have your drivers back on the road to the next delivery while the competition is still searching for a space. Let us show you how Eurowag and the EW app can help!

There’s Always A Space For You On The Eurowag App

Fortunately, Eurowag is here to help take the hassle out of finding suitable truck parking all over Europe. With the EW app, users can pull up the map view and start searching for a spot near their current location. There are 5 categories to use as filters, so drivers can find all of the following services and amenities: parking places, fuel stations, repairs, truck washing and tank cleaning.

Once parking has been selected from the filters, drivers can see a list of all available parking in a given area. Get detailed information just by tapping on a specific spot. This includes the address, hours of operation, and any additional amenities offered, such as toilets, showers, wifi or restaurants. Other map view filter options (repairs, truck washing, tank cleaning, fuel stations) will also be shown.

What’s more, the EW app will provide information on the level of security. Cameras, fences, guards, non-stop lighting and other relevant security features are listed, so drivers can see how safe a specific location is before choosing to park their rig and get some rest.

Once a suitable parking spot has been found, drivers can easily find the quickest route within the app. With 24/7 access available in your own language, an easy-to-use interface, and detailed information at your fingertips, is it any wonder that more trucking companies trust Eurowag and the EW app?

Contact us today to find out how we can help you go further throughout Europe, wherever the road might lead you.