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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

The Eurowag King competition finally has its king. Well, a queen!

The autumn of 2021 was abuzz with excitement and grandeur, for we were holding the first ever Eurowag King competition. From September 1st until October 31st, 2021, Eurowag customers from far and wide all competed to enter a prize fit for a king: a Volvo Truck FH D13 460 TC. When the competition came to a close and we determined the winner, we were pleased to discover that we were not destined to crown a king, but a queen! Kinga Pałysa, Chairman of Stanwex, was our very first champion.

The Eurowag King competition finally has its king. Well, a queen!

Then it was time to receive and deliver the grand prize from Volvo in Poland, but our journey was not without problems. With our film crew, we were ready to set off and capture the truck in all its glory on the way to the new owner. But, at the last moment, we discovered that the truck that would deliver the royal chariot to Kinga was not registered, and could not travel. So we rushed to find a replacement truck and trailer to accompany us on the long road ahead. To the delight of our anxious and frostbitten crew, we found one. But before we could jump for joy, another issue arose.

The kind gentleman who would be accompanying us on the delivery told us that the load would not fit under the bridges that were on the road ahead. Our hearts were heavy, but in the end he saved the day, by lowering the load within just an inch of the height requirement. So on we went, capturing plenty of amazing drone shots and camera angles that could be in a Hollywood movie.

We finally arrived at our destination where a crowd was waiting, excited to claim their prize, led by the queen, Kinga Pałysa. The enthusiasm in the crowd was palpable as we pulled up, and we surprised everyone with a lovely coronation ceremony.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, so the six hours we spent filming went by in a flash, with smiles all around, and ended with christening the new truck. When we go to Poland again, we will have to stop by and visit our friends at Stanwex to say hello.

Our video documenting the first ever Eurowag King award ceremony and an interview with the winner can be found below. Enjoy the great show with us!

Eurowag King - we know the winner!  

Eurowag King - first impressions of the winner

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