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Route Planners Help Trucking Companies Stay Moving

Every business needs to find new ways of improving efficiency in order to stay successful, and the trucking industry is no exception. One way in which smart fleets are looking for an advantage over the competition is by using route planners. These planners help drivers and dispatchers strategize how best to manage fleet vehicles on the road while avoiding unexpected and unnecessary delays along the way.

Route Planners Help Trucking Companies Stay Moving

By using software to coordinate delivery routes, track movements, and receive real-time updates about road conditions, trucking companies can maximize available resources and improve driver productivity. Read on to learn more about route planners for trucks and how they can help your business deliver.

The Roadmap To Success - Optimized Route Planning

The trucking industry, like most other industries, is now reliant upon technology to improve daily operations. Drivers used to carry paper maps in the cabin to help them navigate, which were cumbersome to read while driving and often out of date. These days there are several more convenient options available which provide advanced navigation tools. 

Online truck route planners use map database information to provide directions from point A to point B, and can be tailored to provide some specific parameters like avoiding toll roads or major cities. These planners are fairly limited in that they don’t allow updates on road conditions or traffic while driving, and few customization options for truck-specific information.

Electronic logbooks can sometimes include a route planning feature of some sort. However, these devices are primarily used for regulatory compliance and logbook management, and are not designed with a focus on navigation.

GPS navigation devices offer route planning with truck-specific options. These devices are able to take into account things like bridge heights, weight restrictions, toll roads, and other information to help plot the most efficient course. However, most do not provide real-time traffic information, and sometimes rely on out of date mapping data.

As smartphones have become widely available, mobile apps have been developed to offer truck route planners which are able to quickly provide real-time traffic and road condition data, and points of interest along a given route such as fueling stations which sell specific fuel types. These apps are highly customizable, and allow the input of truck-specific parameters to provide the most efficient routes using the most accurate and up-to-date information available. 

Trucking companies should be able to easily understand the benefit of choosing a route planner that meets their specific needs, and is regularly updated to reflect changes in road conditions, construction zones, traffic congestion, and any other factors which might affect fleet vehicles. With this in mind, Eurowag offers the perfect solution.

Let The Eurowag Route Planner Be Your Copilot

With a focus on providing the best possible experience for its customers in the commercial transport industry, Eurowag created a truck route planner which is easy to use, accurate, and provides features to meet the needs of trucking companies of all sizes.

The Eurowag route planner is designed specifically for trucks, and accounts for parameters such as weight limits, height restrictions and road restrictions when choosing an optimized route. This helps guide drivers avoid unnecessary detours or prohibited roads.

The planner also uses real-time traffic information to alert drivers of congested areas, road closures or traffic accidents. Rerouting drivers to less crowded roads helps reduce travel time, enhance efficiency and ensure on-time deliveries. It can even take into consideration such factors as tolls and fuel prices to help companies save money on operational costs.

Trucking companies can even customize the planner with specific preferences such as specific fueling stations, rest stops and points of interest which can be set as waypoints along the route. If your trucks routinely travel the same routes, you can save these routes as templates so you can recall them later without having to reenter all of the data.

Eurowag’s route planner is also seamlessly integrated with all of its other mobility solutions, including fuel cards, toll services and fleet management tools. Eurowag’s suite of fleet management software is the best in the industry, using advanced EW telematics to monitor all company vehicles and provide data on fuel consumption, driver habits, and more.

The planner also comes with an easy to use interface. Drag and drop specific points to add them to the route, or select any location on the map and add it with a single click. The system will take all of the information provided and suggest the best available route. EW telematics will also calculate the estimated total cost of the trip, including up-to-date fuel and toll prices, and can be calculated for each vehicle profile.

While Eurowag’s truck route planner offers plenty of ways to help your business, it’s just one of many useful features found on the Eurowag mobile app. Read on to learn more about what else the app can do for you.

The Eurowag App Offers More Than Just Route Planning

Designed with the needs of trucking companies in mind, the Eurowag mobile app is the perfect tool to keep your fleet moving forward. Your drivers can get instant access to information on over 15,000 fueling stations within the Eurowag acceptance network, including visible up-to-date fuel prices with live status updates, and choose the right one with smart search filters. Even save and share your favorites for future use.

Once the best refueling option has been found, the route planner can be used to add a waypoint within the app and navigate with ease. Eurowag Pay allows drivers to refuel faster, easier and more securely using a PIN or biometric scan, also integrated into the app.

Dispatchers, managers and owners can use the app to track vehicles and request location sharing from drivers, giving them a complete overview of the entire fleet. This allows them to react to any unexpected situations a driver might encounter, notify other drivers quickly, and reroute trucks as necessary. It’s also easy to add new employees, assign new roles, and manage the whole team on the go using the synced client portal.

Administration and accounting issues are made easier as well. Track invoices, browse all company fuel cards and see any transactions made all within the app.

On top of all the features listed above, the Eurowag mobile app is available in 17 languages. Contact Eurowag today to learn why more trucking companies are using the mobile app to enjoy a smoother ride.

Find out why you should use the Eurowag mobile app for truck route planning and more!