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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

How to pay for tolls in Germany seamlessly

In Germany, all trucks weighing over 7.5 tonnes must pay distance-based toll charges for the use of paid roads. The toll obligation applies to all federal freeways and highways, motorways, and all federal truck roads. The toll network in Germany is quite long - ca. 52 000 km.

How to pay for tolls in Germany seamlessly

Toll charges can be settled automatically using the on-board unit (OBU) or directly with your EW card at the toll terminal. The tax is calculated based on:

  • The number of kilometres travelled over the network
  • The number of axles of the vehicle
  • The euro emissions class of the vehicle

Germany collects tolls using GNSS technology (Global Navigation Satellite System). With this technology, the toll road payment transactions are simplified for truck drivers, since they do not need to stop at toll gates. Furthermore, this technology does not require the installation of roadside infrastructure.

GNSS and Toll System

In Eurowag, we are integrating German toll payments directly to our EW client portal. On the client portal, you can find all the toll transactions with the related invoices. We will register you with toll collect or other toll partners, and make sure that everything is set up correctly and ready to use.

Using our EVA OBU, you can also activate additional services such as fuel card fraud protection and fleet management. EVA is a multifunctional device that could help you to simplify and automate the business and our 24/7 support network is here to help you in your local language.