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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

Eurowag is involved in the development of sustainable freight transport: Volvo's first electric truck with our telematics

We are working with DHL and Volvo to develop sustainable freight transport. Using Eurowag telematics, we are collecting and evaluating data from the operation of the Volvo FL42 Electric electric truck in the field.

Eurowag is involved in the development of sustainable freight transport: Volvo's first electric truck with our telematics

We explored the potential of a fully electric truck at DHL's logistics center

The aim of our partnership was to put the first fully electric Volvo truck into action at DHL’s logistic center. DHL has incorporated a new Volvo FL42 electric car into its operation that is used within the Jirny logistics complex. It is the first commercially deployed electric truck with Eurowag telematics in the Czech Republic.

This truck is designed for use within logistics facilities and shorter routes. It transports goods or empty packaging for DHL Supply Chain customers between five warehouses.  However, it is in operation almost around the clock. In this case, three drivers take turns behind the wheel.

What did we focus on?

Our goal was to evaluate the impact of using an electric truck in the field. The results were quite interesting.

If a Volvo electric truck drives 15,000 km a year, it saves approximately 9,670 kg of CO2 compared to an equivalent diesel truck. The production of an electric truck is more demanding in terms of production of CO2. However, the cleaner operation compensates for the CO2 emissions of a conventional diesel truck. That is the case only if the electricity to recharge the truck is obtained from renewable sources - for example, solar panels or wind turbines. 

Nonetheless, the electric vehicle also has other benefits: significantly less vibration in the cabin, quieter operation, and constant power at all speeds, which every driver will love immediately.

Telematics should not be missing in the electrified fleet either

Eurowag Telematics is a comprehensive fleet management system that offers advanced car monitoring features. It helps find new ways to reduce the running costs of individual vehicles.

Using Eurowag telematics opens up the following options:

  • real-time tracking of all vehicles (even in the case of a mixed fleet) on a live map with detailed location reports on a screen 
  • mileage per period 
  • car consumption in the selected period 
  • how often the car needs charging 
  • what is the driving style of the driver 
  • automatic entry in the logbook 

Nothing changes the simplicity of connecting to Eurowag 

A Eurowag telematics unit can be installed quickly and easily, even in an electric truck. In the case of our partner DHL, the entire installation, including testing for proper functionality, took approximately one hour. By the end of the process, everyone involved was able to enjoy the clearly presented car data collected by our telematics.

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