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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

Eurowag app now compatible with Android Auto

Try out the Eurowag app using your car’s built-in display.

Eurowag app now compatible with Android Auto

Google recently added POI (point of interest) apps to Android Auto, meaning that the Eurowag app will now be compatible with automobile display screens.

Android Auto is Google’s solution for built-in computer displays in cars. Many apps are currently available to use on Android Auto, and we are excited to be one of the newest additions.

In Eurowag’s effort to go far, we have been prepared for this new feature and the Eurowag app will be the first of its kind that works with Android Auto. When using the app, you can see your current position on the map, and nearby fuel stations. Using the search function, you’ll be able to find the stations and choose one to travel to. Once you’ve selected your desired station, use your vehicle’s navigation feature to guide you to your destination.

This new feature will make using your Eurowag app much easier, and more compatible with driving. So leave your phone in your pocket and try out Eurowag on Android Auto.

Don´t have the app yet? Download the app for Android.