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Drive Now, Pay Later On Hungarian Toll Roads With Our EVA On-Board Unit (OBU)

Streamlining toll payments across multiple European countries has never been easier! With Eurowag’s Enhanced Vehicle Assistant (EVA) OBU, you can now conveniently handle toll payments in CZ, HU, DE, AT, BE, and PL, all in one place soon with the upcoming SK, ES and PT postpaid toll payments. The EVA OBU comes equipped with a user-friendly, full-color display and is programmed to speak your language, making toll payments and navigation a breeze for drivers.

Drive Now, Pay Later On Hungarian Toll Roads With Our EVA On-Board Unit (OBU)

Eurowag Offers More Than Just A Toll Payment Solution

We are committed to providing top notch service that goes beyond just toll payments. With an EVA OBU from Eurowag, you’ll also benefit from free fuel theft prevention and telematics. Together with our client self-care portal, which allows easy access to all your invoices in one place, you get a powerful tool to manage your business efficiently. 

Another extremely useful feature of our EVA OBU is that it will automatically check the on-board unit's position in the vehicle to ensure error-free toll payments and eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens for dispatchers and accountants.

Hassle-Free Toll Payment Invoicing With Eurowag

Eurowag’s EVA OBU is revolutionizing the way toll-related transactions are managed. The most prominent benefit for administrative staff is the consolidation of all toll invoices in one convenient location - our client self-care portal. This centralized repository streamlines the otherwise cumbersome process of tracking and managing multiple invoices from multiple sources, sparing accountants the hassles of navigating through disparate systems. With all invoices combined in one place, your accounting team will gain unprecedented clarity and efficiency, allowing them to allocate precious time and resources to other crucial financial tasks.

Moreover, the swiftness with which the invoices become available within 48 hours marks a significant departure from traditional methods that often involve lengthy waiting periods. Time is money, and faster access to invoices allows for more proactive decision making and financial planning. No longer constrained by delayed data, accountants can respond promptly to any discrepancies, potential errors, or payment issues, thereby fostering financial accuracy and preventing potential disruptions in cash flow.

An integrated coversheet within the EVA system further amplifies the benefits for accountants. By providing a way to pay multiple invoices from various countries with a single payment, the coversheet drastically simplifies cross-border financial transactions. Gone are the days of complex international remittances. Payments can now be executed seamlessly, fostering better vendor relationships and reducing administrative overhead. This consolidated payment method streamlines the financial workflow, ensuring that all relevant invoices are processed promptly and leaving no room for confusion or oversight.

Saving You Money, While Keeping Your Compliance Record and Data Safe As Well

EVA's comprehensive payment solution not only saves time and effort but also bolsters financial transparency and accountability. Centralized invoicing and payment management capabilities eliminate the risk of losing crucial documents, promoting a well-organized and audit-ready financial process. Accountants can readily access historical records, track past transactions, and generate reports, enabling comprehensive financial analysis and reporting. Enhanced visibility facilitates better compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing the chances of penalties or legal complications.

The security and data integrity offered by the EVA system is yet another notable advantage for accountants. Sensitive financial information is protected by robust encryption and authentication protocols, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and modify the data. The heightened security measures instill confidence in accountants and clients alike, fostering trust in the platform’s ability to safeguard critical financial information.

Ever-expanding Coverage And Easy Registration Help You Go Further

Eurowag is dedicated to constantly expanding coverage to enhance the power of our EVA OBU. We are excited to announce that we will soon be introducing coverage for SK, ES, and PT, allowing our clients to seamlessly navigate toll payments in these countries. With only one device in the windshield, our clients enjoy a better view of the road, ensuring that every driver can travel safer. 

In our commitment to providing a hassle-free experience, we have also streamlined our registration process as well, with plug and play connectivity. Now, all you need to do is leave us a contact, and we'll take care of the rest.

Eurowag's EVA OBU revolutionizes toll payment management, providing a comprehensive, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution for truck drivers, accountants and fleet operators across Europe. Simplifying administrative processes, reducing toll-related burdens, and optimizing expenses, it provides a valuable asset for businesses seekingsmooth and efficient operations on the road.

Manage toll payments easily throughout all of Europe with Eurowag!