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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

Book your parking at the top 14 spots across Europe

Eurowag is announcing that you are now able to book parking for your truck in our partner´s TRAVIS network.

Book your parking at the top 14 spots across Europe

One of the most difficult parts of traveling in Europe is finding a place to park. Through our partner, you will be able to find and reserve parking for your drivers at the top 14 destinations across Europe. Check the map below:

These spots are just a few of TRAVIS’ +1150 locations in 18 countries across Europe.

Here’s what you can also benefit from our partnership:

Truck washing - Get your truck bright and shiny with washing services.

Tank cleaning - Don’t forget the inside! Travis also offers tank flushing.

Truck repair - For repairs on the go, Travis offers routine maintenance and quick fixes.

Where? Everywhere! - With just your Eurowag fuel card, you have access to 1700 services at 1150 Travis locations across Europe. Wherever you are, you won’t be far from Travis.

Learn more about TRAVIS locations and find one near you here.