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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

Are Eurowag fuel cards valid throughout Europe?

Are you looking for a modern solution that allows you to easily pay for fuel across Europe? Then the Eurowag fuel card may be the right choice for you. Can you use the fuel card everywhere?

Are Eurowag fuel cards valid throughout Europe?

You can currently refuel in more than 25 countries in Europe  

The network of service stations that are connected to our system is constantly expanding. You can currently refuel at more than 15,000 service stations in 26 countries across Europe.

Of course, petrol stations in the Czech Republic and all neighbouring countries are included. You can use the fuel card in all countries west of our borders without any problems (the only exception among the larger countries is Switzerland).

Although we are still working on the integration of some countries, we can already say that the card can be used across Europe. Indeed, the system does not exclude even Transcaucasian countries such as Georgia and Azerbaijan.

You can easily search for petrol stations  

There's nothing easier than exploring the Eurowag acceptance network online. The interactive map offers an overview of all participating stations. So you can already plan which stations the driver will use for refuelling before the journey. The system also shows you whether there is a car park, a car wash and the operating hours of the "petrol station".

So if you are heading to countries where it is not currently possible to pay for fuel with a Eurowag fuel card, plan a stop just before the border to refuel at a convenient location.

With the Eurowag card, you can also solve tolls  

In addition to fuel, you can also use your Eurowag card to pay tolls - charges for using transport infrastructure - in 26 European countries. Paying for motorways, first-class roads, long tunnels or the biggest bridges has never been easier. Use Eurowag's fully electronic solution on the road and increase your company's transport efficiency.

No more exchange offices, no more documents and no more risks  

With the Eurowag fuel card, there is no more complex administration process. The driver doesn't need to carry cash in different currencies depending on the destination. There is no risk of loss or theft of these funds.

You can also say goodbye to archiving dozens of receipts for individual services. Simply pay one summary invoice to Eurowag. In the app, you'll find a clear bill including details of each service and which card was used to pay for it. This makes it possible to monitor expenses for individual drivers and cars.

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