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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

A new way to pay for fuel: Eurowag Pay

Faster and more secure payments through our mobile app. In our efforts to bring you the most modern and efficient solutions to your company, we have developed a new way to refuel using mobile payments - Eurowag Pay. Eurowag Pay will make refueling faster, easier, and more secure than ever before.

A new way to pay for fuel: Eurowag Pay

How it works  

No longer will drivers be forced to fumble around for a card or use a payment terminal in bad weather. Let’s break down what a transaction looks like using Eurowag Pay, a part of the Eurowag Mobile app. First, the driver opens up the app and sees all the Eurowag stations nearby. After arriving at the station, they select the ‘Refuel with Eurowag Pay’ option, choose a fuel type and a terminal, and then click ‘Start refueling’. Then, the driver authorises the purchase and gets a confirmation that the fueling can begin. When fueling is complete, the driver simply places the nozzle back in the pump, and the app processes the transaction automatically.

Features and benefits of Eurowag Pay  

Our mission is not only to provide you with the best and most up-to-date features, it is also to protect you from theft and fraud. Here are the Eurowag Pay features you can take advantage of while on the road.

Automatic payments - No card necessary when refueling, the app completes the payment for you without having to find an attendant or payment terminal.

New security features - Using the app with Eurowag Pay is secured by PIN or biometric scan, keeping the account protected from any unwanted transactions.

Purchase history - Users can also see their entire Eurowag Pay history with ease. If you are a dispatcher or an owner, you can see the card limits for every card on your team. Device range locks - Another anti-theft protection is the device range.

The app will not allow the driver to refuel (unlock a pump) if he is not physically present at the fuel station.Remote refueling - In the case of missing cards or phone problems, the dispatcher can remotely activate the pump for a driver, no matter where they are. 400+ stations - Your drivers can use Eurowag Pay in more than 400 of our most popular stations, with more being added all the time. In the future, most of Eurowag fuel stations will be compatible with Eurowag Pay.

How to get Eurowag Pay?  

We’ve made it as easy as possible - for existing customers, it’s as simple as downloading the Eurowag app, and assigning cards to your drivers. Eurowag One, Easy, Fleet, or Red card users can use Eurowag Pay.

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