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Eurowag Mastercard

Go digital with safe, cashless payments and get 100% control over all on-the-road driver expenses.


Instant Payouts
Instant top-up online
Eurowag Mastercard
Contactless card issued with license plate or driver's name
Use Everywhere
Use everywhere Mastercard is accepted

Why Eurowag Mastercard?

A prepaid, contactless card designed specifically for transport companies. Eurowag Mastercard keeps drivers safe when problems occur on the road. Get an overview of drivers' spending on the road and secure driver payments with smart technology.

A reliable payment solution

Eurowag MasterCard
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    Pre-pay or post-pay, your choice
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    Deliver cash to drivers instantly in an emergency
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    Pay auto services, fines, tow services, and make easy ATM withdrawals
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    Safe online payments with 3D Secure Technology
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    Professional customer support
Eurowag MasterCard

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Frequently asked questions

What is Eurowag Mastercard®?

Eurowag Mastercard® is a pre-paid card which is accepted everywhere you see a Mastercard logo. It's an easy way to forget about giving cash to your drivers which gives you full control over what the money is being spend on.

How do I top-up a Eurowag Mastercard®?

You can top-up your Eurowag Mastercard® online using our customer portal or by bank transfer.

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