The smarter way to cut costs

Powerful fleet management software, simplified European toll payments, and anti-fraud technology in one device. EVA is the integrated solution for fleets of all sizes. Put EVA in your trucks to see them all in real time, plan the most profitable routes, improve driver performance, and reduce fuel costs by up to 20%.

The smarter way to cut costs

EVA is designed for fleets of all sizes. Pick the package for you based on your needs.


Everything smaller fleets need to reduce costs, improve profits, and make their fleets smarter in one plug-and-play solution. See your trucks in real time, plan smarter routes, review route history and protect against fuel theft.


For medium-sized fleets looking to optimize their decision making with high-quality data. Get all the benefits of START, plus incredibly accurate CAN-BUS data and truck running and idling time reports.


For demanding fleets, EVA Ultra comes with everything EVA has to offer. All the features of PLUS, with extra data to help you keep compliant. Get the most accurate data you need to make the most informed decisions.

Fleet Management

Your fleet at your fingertips. See your trucks in real time on a live map, get insights from automated reports, reduce fuel costs and more.

Fleet Management for Owners

EVA pays for itself in less than 6 months

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by up to 20%. EVA can help reduce unnecessary idling time, find the best prices on fuel, plan the most profitable routes, and make sure routine maintenance happens on schedule
  • Get your most important data in one place. EVA collects all important data – including fuel consumption, kilometers driven, driver and truck data and more – so you can answer questions with your data instead of spending time looking for it
  • Protect your business with integrated anti-fraud technology. All trucks with EVA are protected by Fuel Guard, which gives you protection against skimmed or stolen cards
  • Give your fleet a future-proof solution. Updates to EVA happen over-the-air – you’ll never have to buy a new device just to take advantage of new technology

Fleet Management for Dispatchers

EVA can save you time and increase productivity

  • See your entire fleet in real time. EVA's live map is updated every 2 seconds, so you always know exactly where your trucks are
  • Make route planning fast and easy. EVA plans optimal routes for your trucks based on their size, and load and does the hard calculations for you
  • Get accurate truck and driver data from anywhere. Download accurate tachograph and vehicle data remotely and save time for you and your drivers
  • Fleet management software you’ll enjoy using. EVA is intuitive, easy to use, and built with dispatchers’ needs in mind

Fleet Management for Drivers

Automate the boring stuff with EVA

  • No more time spent on paperwork. EVA creates automated journey reports for you, so you can focus on the road
  • Your safety is EVA’s priority. EVA makes sure you stay within legal driving time limits and can even watch out for unsafe driving habits (and help you correct them)
  • Smoother cooperation with your dispatcher. EVA lets your dispatcher know where the closest fuel stations and rest stops are, making your journey as comfortable as possible
  • Share your truck data from wherever you are. EVA lets you share your truck data remotely – no need to go to an office and manually upload it

What’s included in Fleet Management?

Live Map
Route Planning
Track & Trace
Running and Idling Time
Legal Driver Time
Remote Data Download
Driver Behaviour
Fuel Guard
Customer API
Self installation Fixed installation Fixed installation


Frictionless travel across Europe

  • Remove barriers with an EETS solution. EVA, combined with the Toll4Europe OBU, gives you complete toll coverage across Europe with just two OBUs
  • All toll invoices in one place. No need to fight with different systems just to make your toll payments. EVA collects all toll payments into the Self Care Portal, making it easier than ever to pay for tolls
  • Hassle-free updates. All updates are pushed over-the-air – no need to replace your device.

Fuel Guard

EVA provides protection

  • Fuel card fraud costs companies like yours massive amounts every year. EVA provides protection againts fraud to prevent losses and help your bottom line
  • Our proprietary solution uses EVA’s advanced technology to block fraudulent transactions before they happen
  • Fuel Guard watches for unauthorized transactions and alerts you when something looks wrong

User Manuals

*GUI version is displayed in the bottom of Menu on your device (EW OBU). Please follow the steps below:

To display Menu options, press "OK" button (✓).

Use "DOWN" button (↓) to scroll down through the Menu options.

The bordered area (gui: x.xx), displayed in the bottom of Menu options, shows the current GUI version on your device.

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