Vision Follows Needs

More than 25 years of experience with the transport, finance, and freight services sectors, plus close cooperation with navigation, eMobility, and other technological partners have taught us what is needed in the automotive industry.

We envision a future where the automotive industry is at the forefront of green technology. We are guided by our philosophy: “Go green, go better.” Explore our automotive and eMobility solutions informed by our vision.

Vision Follows Needs

Solutions for OEMs

Comprehensive solutions for OEMs, built on the world's most popular online and offline navigation system trusted by more than 200 million drivers: Sygic.

Tailor-made solutions for complex projects available for combustion, electric, and hybrid vehicles.

Company fleet electrification

Powerful fleet management and monitoring tools for companies using battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in their fleet.

Our solution seamlessly integrates electric cars into your existing fleet environment, providing you with one simple solution for all your fleet vehicles.

Charging services

Charging made easy. Working together with Sygic, we have created an innovative solution to address the most critical needs of electric vehicle drivers: finding and paying for EV charging. Now drivers can access a network of nearly 300,000 charging points across Europe and pay for charging directly via our app.

Charge point operators and eMobility service providers alike can use our service to list their charging station in the world’s first navigation app with charging stations and integrated payment options.

Charging location analysis

Where you build your new charging station will determine its success. We can help you make the best decision.
Charging location analysis is an easy-to-use, yet advanced, analytics report that shows you the best potential charging locations in a selected city based on market data and other factors, such as traffic, typical number of parked cards, and more.

This analysis helps network developers not only save time, but also reduce costs and ensure high utilization of new charging stations by future clients.