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Eurowag has upgraded its client portal. Delivers an improved acceptance network map including tailored truck navigation

Eurowag customers can look forward to faster response times, responsive design and new map features in the client portal.

Eurowag has upgraded its client portal. Delivers an improved acceptance network map including tailored truck navigation

Prague 31. October 2022 - Eurowag, Europe's leading provider of integrated commercial road transport solutions, is launching a major update to its client portal. The portal for Eurowag customers now offers a faster response time, responsive design for easy, user-friendly use on mobile phones, and, above all, improved map functions.

Thanks to the upgraded maps, Eurowag customers will have a much easier orientation in the company's acceptance network. This includes not only thousands of service stations across Europe, but also car washes, tank cleaning services and car parks thanks to the cooperation with our partner Travis. The maps will also offer more detailed information about specific service stations, including exact locations, current fuel and AdBlue prices and other services. The navigation system has also been updated to take into account the needs of trucks and the weight limits of bridges or height restrictions when planning a route through tunnels.

We care deeply about making the use of the client portal intuitive, efficient and practical for our customers. All the newly introduced functionalities are therefore tailored to the needs of commercial freight transport. With enhanced maps, you can be sure that the planned route is suitable for your specific truck and that you won't encounter any inconveniences along the way. We know from experience that weight and height restrictions on the route or too small car parks can make the journey very difficult for trucks. Most other navigation systems do not take these parameters into account.

Jiří Orság, Product owner from Eurowag

In addition, customers can create a list of their favourite stops on maps, and it will be easier to keep track of used stations through notifications or to plan refuelling in a specific area and at the best prices. The entire client portal has seen a more stable performance, intuitive user interface, faster response time, and especially a responsive design that makes it easy to use even on a mobile phone.

The main news in the client portal:

  • Improved acceptance network map
    - now also shows Travis partner network services such as car washes, tank cleaning and parking
    - detailed information about petrol stations including location, fuel prices and other services
    - route planning with regard to the truck's parameters
  • Faster response and better portal stability
  • Responsive design allows the client portal to be used on a mobile phone
  • Option to create a list of favourite petrol stations and other stops
  • Easily set up notifications, for example when you fill up at a certain petrol station

The client portal is a service for Eurowag customers. New functionalities are available after logging in with username and password.


Eurowag has been providing integrated mobility and payment services to international transport companies for more than 25 years. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in its field. Its mission is to make the operation of the millions of trucks crossing Europe cleaner, fairer and more efficient. To this end, Eurowag offers its customers products and services based on modern digital technologies, ranging from payments for conventional and alternative fuels, electric vehicle charging and toll payment, to tax refunds, telematics and navigation, to a range of financial services and clean mobility advice.

Eurowag also supports innovation in philanthropy. As part of the Philanthropy and You project, in which ¾ of the company's employees regularly participate, each Eurowag employee receives an individual budget for philanthropy, as well as complete confidence in how the money is spent. The project has already inspired several other large IT corporations to undertake similar activities. For more information, visit

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